About Us

More than just a map company, Backroad Mapbooks creates all-in-one outdoor recreation guides for fishing, hunting, parks & camping, hiking, cycling, canoeing & kayaking, ATVing, snowmobiling, cross-country skiing & snowshoeing and wildlife viewing.

Our state-of-the-art maps are supplemented with detailed recreation information covering all of Canada from BC to Newfoundland and north to the vast expanses of the arctic. Additionally, we now offer maps for Washington State as we expand our horizons to the south.

Backroad Mapbooks offers a wide range of outdoor navigation products including our classic printed Backroad Mapbook series, Garmin-licensed Backroad GPS Maps, a variety of mobile maps for Android and iOS, lightweight & foldable printed waterproof maps, large-scale printed TOPO maps and more. Our maps are prized among the outdoor community for their detail and accuracy, clearly showing changes in elevation, natural features such as mountain peaks and glaciers, and recreational Points of Interest like hiking trails, fishing holes and campsites. Most notably, we provide the most comprehensive coverage available in Canada for backcountry roads including logging and resource roads, deactivated roads and unclassified roads. For this reason, our maps are used not just by outdoor recreationists but by government agencies and Search and Rescue teams as well.

Based out of Vancouver, British Columbia, Backroad Mapbooks was founded by adventure-loving brothers Russell and Wesley Mussio in 1993, and has since grown to a company of around 20 employees including GIS technicians, cartographers and outdoor writers & researchers. We pride ourselves on being a small, independent business that is able to deliver the height of cartographic sophistication and outdoor recreation coverage to the entire country. Backroad Mapbooks maintains a strong bond with the outdoor recreation community by sponsoring events, supporting individual causes and, of course, getting outside to enjoy the great outdoors ourselves whenever we can.

Whether you are a hardcore hiker embarking on a multi-day mountaineering expedition, a lifelong angler searching for that perfect steelhead stream or a first-time outdoorsperson just figuring out the ropes, we are confident that our maps will help you get the most out of the backcountry and keep your adventure rolling smoothly!