Bancroft District Crown Land ON Waterproof Map
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Released: 2013

UPC: 6-22098-00204-1

ISBN #: 978-1-897225-61-5

Pages: 2

Dimensions: 28" x 45"

Map Scale: 2 sides @ 1:155,000

Includes: Apsley, Bancroft, Bobcaygeon, Coe Hill, Haliburton, Kaladar, Kinmount, Madoc, Maynooth, Minden, Whitney & More!

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South of Ontario’s famous Algonquin Park lies some of Canada’s most verdant land, in a region known as the Bancroft district in the heart of cottage country. The areas detailed on this map include such smaller cities as Haliburton and Bobcaygeon and the backcountry beyond, where people come to play and end up wanting to stay. Located close enough to Ontario’s metropolises to be easily accessible (Bancroft lies halfway between Toronto and Ottawa), but remote enough to make you feel like you’re lost in a wilderness paradise, the areas around Haliburton, Bobcaygeon, and all the way east to Perth, that spread out south of Algonquin Park make the perfect Ontario getaway. Here you will find fishing lakes, forest trails, paddling rivers, beaches for swimming, and some of the most breathtaking scenery in all of Ontario.

Backroad Mapbooks’ waterproof Bancroft District Crown Land Ontario map is designed for adventure. This foldable, waterproof, tear-resistant map is a durable guide that fits right in your pocket or pack as you hit the road or trail in search of that Ontario expedition. Whether paddling the waters around your country cottage in Bancroft, departing the civilization of Haliburton for a rustic Algonquin Park campsite, or fishing some of the best lakes in Ontario, found right in Bobcaygeon, this waterproof Ontario map will show you how to get there. Marked and labeled with dozens of rec sites, hiking trails, fishing lakes, recreation hot spots and activity points-of-interest, and boasting industry-leading topographic detail and GPS-compatible UTM and latitude/longitude grids, this double-sided map is your go-to source for exploring Ontario’s Bancroft District Crown Land.


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