Version 2020 GPS Maps are jam-packed with updates and improvements from our previous edition, so you can count on the latest and greatest map and adventure data. Scroll down and find out what's new!

Night Mode

New Addition

Designed for use on a GPS, Night Mode is a Garmin feature that is now available on all our GPS Maps.

Perfect for multi-day or all-day outdoor adventures and camping trips, Night Mode darkens the background and makes all roads, lines, trails, and symbols white for easier reading and navigation in the dark.

When using Night Mode to navigate a route, there are also additional notifications to let you know when you are arriving at your destination.

Crown Land

Enhanced Visibility

Our updated GPS Maps include enhanced Crown Land visibility through updated colouring.

The change of colour allows readers to easily differentiate between Crown land, parks, and private land. This is especially handy when planning backcountry hiking trips, multi-day paddling trips, or hunting trips.

While many other GPS map options available on the market don’t highlight Crown land, our maps make these areas easy to distinguish for all your outdoor adventures.

On the Road

Refined Routable and Non-Routable Roads

Our GPS Maps are constantly being updated with the newest information regarding roads.

We regularly upgrade or downgrade roads from routable to unrouteable, add new city roads, subdivision roads, and highways, as well as review and update industry and forestry roads.

With our GPS Maps road updates, it is easy to plan and navigate safely to your next outdoor adventure destination. 

Trails & Routes

Updated ATV, Multi-Use Trail, Paddling & Snowmobile Trails

Updated on an ongoing basis, our ATV, multi-use trail, paddling, and snowmobiling routes reflect the latest access, terrain and route information available.

We continuously add new and exciting trails, update access and trailhead information, remove trails that are no longer accessible, include reader submitted tracks and add updates from relevant clubs and organizations.

Plan your next outdoor adventure with confidence using our updated trail maps!

Points of Interest

Added & Updated Recreational, Geographic & Water, and Public Service Points

Another ongoing feature of our GPS Maps, our database of Adventure Points of Interest is continuously updated as our mapbooks are updated.

Each review sees hundreds of new or updated trails, campsites, access points, attractions and more.

Adding to the mix are public service points such as lodges, accommodations, restaurants and notable transportation points.

Like our Adventure POIs, our public service points are updated with new seasonal closures, contact information and more!

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