Backroad Mapbooks – Your Ultimate Guide to Canada’s Parks

On Newfoundland’s rugged coast, an 1,805 km sq (697 mi sq) UNESCO heritage site protects some of the world’s most dramatic scenery – ancient cliffs tower over winding fjords, treeless barrens are ruled by the caribou and sparkling waterfalls cascade into lakes teeming with fish. This is Gros Morne National Park, one of the most sought-after wilderness destinations on the planet.


Some 4,500 kilometers away, on the west coast of Vancouver Island, the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve protects lush rainforest, endless sandy beaches and hundreds of tiny islands where seals bask on sun-heated rocks and the spray from orca whales arches across the sky. In between, nearly every type of landscape imaginable is set aside as part of Canada’s incredible Parks system, from rolling prairies to arctic steppe, vibrant wetland, massive glaciers and sky-scraping mountains.


Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland. Photo Credit:


At Backroad Mapbooks, we know that Canada’s parks hold some of the most incredible outdoor adventure opportunities imaginable. That’s why we go out of our way to include a detailed Parks section in each of our Mapbooks, giving you the information you need to make the most out of these treasured areas. Whether you are heading out on the trail, testing your luck fishing or just searching for that picture-perfect viewpoint, we provide you with the most comprehensive, detailed and up-to-date parks guide available on the market. Here are a few of the features that make Backroad Mapbooks your number one guide to Canada’s parks:


Pacific Rim National Park, BC. Photo Credit:


Unparalleled Map Detail

No other recreation map gives you the level of detail that you will find in your Backroad Mapbook. Our team of cartographers goes the extra mile to make sure you are looking at the most accurate representation of Canada’s parks possible. Industry-leading topographic relief, shading and contours make these maps incredibly easy to read, so you know when to expect steep or challenging terrain while exploring a park along a trail or road.


Mountain peaks are clearly labelled and include elevation, and we carefully chart every river, lake, moraine and creek, so you don’t have any unexpected crossings. Since many of Canada’s parks protect rugged, difficult-to-travel landscapes, this level of detail is indispensable to navigating these areas.


This industry-leading level of detail is found across our wide range of map products. While our Mapbooks are great for trip planning and off-roading, hikers and paddlers may want to cut down on bulk by packing along a Waterproof Rec Map. These maps are built to withstand the elements, and give you all the detail of our Backroad Mapbooks at an even bigger scale. You can also zoom in to the park you are exploring with the help of our large format TOPO Maps, available for any park that is covered in our Mapbooks.


Or, if you are looking for a more high-tech adventure, our GPS Maps come loaded with handy features, and we even offer a mobile app as well. These options put all the detail of our Backroad Mapbooks directly in the palm of your hand, so you can explore the park of your choice while carrying as little weight as possible.


Strathcona Provincial Park

Thousands of Points of Interest

Our maps are jam-packed with countless Points of Interest, specifically chosen for popular park activities. Hikers and mountain bikers can easily locate a trailhead, whether they are exploring the hanging lakes and waterfalls of Waterton National Park or taking in the pristine east coast scenery of Kouchibouguac National Park. For winter use, we clearly label those trails that can be cross-country skied or snowshoed, as well as backcountry ski and snowboard areas.


One of the best ways to explore Canada’s park system is along its many pristine waterways, which is why we include put-in and take-out locations for paddlers, complete with labelled portages and campsites. Boat launches are included as well, as are labelled fish species for those lakes and rivers that allow angling.


While looking at our maps, you will notice POIs for the natural features which make our parks world-famous, including waterfalls, big trees, caves and cultural/historical sites. Of course, we also include campsites and day-use areas, plus backcountry huts. In fact, we include more Points of Interest than any other map source, including official park maps. With the help of these maps, you can truly make the most out of every aspect of Canada’s parks.


Banff National Park


Road and Trail Coverage

No other map source provides you with the same breadth of detailed road coverage. While you can easily find your way to a park with our labelled highways, arterial paved roads and rural roads, we also show industry roads, recreational roads, unclassified roads and even deactivated roads, so you can penetrate as far into a park as road access allows. These different levels of road are clearly classified on our maps, allowing you to pick and choose which route is suitable for your vehicle.


Of course, many of us visit Canada’s parks for the explicit reason of getting out of our vehicles and having some up-close and personal time with nature, which is why our maps show you thousands of trails of all kinds. Developed trails, undeveloped trails, motorized/snowmobile trails (where permitted in parks), long-distance trails and paddling routes are all clearly and separately marked. Many of these trails are supplemented by carefully researched written descriptions found in our Adventures section, providing you with detailed information on length, elevation gain, access trail highlights and much more.


Our maps actually include more trails than are shown on official park sources, since we include unofficial backcountry and mountaineering routes. With these maps in hand, you can explore a park with the confidence of a seasoned local, even if it is your first time there.


Kananaskis Lakes


Written Descriptions

Each park includes a detailed written description compiled by our team of outdoor writers and researchers. This includes campsite details and summaries, complete with open seasons and reservation information, information on park activities and other highlights such as cultural and archaeological features, park history, park size, directions, wildlife information and more. These descriptions include easy-to-use map references and symbols for appropriate park activities, so you can tell what to expect from any park with a quick glance.


This information is also included with our Points of Interest on our GPS Maps and BRMB Navigator app, so you can access multiple Mapbooks’ worth of data simply by pressing a button. Additionally, our Waterproof Rec Maps also feature park descriptions, and we even offer a specific Rec Map for Ontario’s celebrated Algonquin Provincial Park.



More Parks Than Any Other Source

No other outdoor recreation guide provides you with as many park options as your Backroad Mapbook. We cover national parks, provincial parks, regional parks, conservation areas, ecological reserves, wildlife refuges and more. Whether you are looking to spend the weekend with the family at a well-developed frontcountry campground or get away from it all in a difficult-to-access wildland park, we have you covered.


Depot Lakes Conservation Area


Multiple Platforms

While our Backroad Mapbooks are a tried, tested and true navigational tool for thousands of outdoor adventurers, we offer a wide range of products to cater to your specific backcountry navigation needs.


Our Waterproof Rec Maps are a lightweight, durable and easy-to-use option for park explorers. Covering much of BC and Ontario, these maps provide you with all the cartographic detail of our Backroad Mapbooks blown up to a larger scale, making them even easier to read. Plus, these compact maps can fit right in your pocket while you explore a park on foot, mountain bike, horseback, canoe or kayak. Built to withstand anything Mother Nature throws at you, these are the perfect choice for the truly adventurous.


Our TOPO Maps take this increased level of detail even further, offering you a large-scale printout of any page in our Backroad Mapbook series. These are perfect if you are a repeat visitor to a particular park – many explorers hang their TOPO Maps in their home office and use them to plan their park adventures before heading out.


For those looking for extra tracking and backcountry safety, our GPS Maps offer the pinnacle of backcountry navigation technology. Packing several Mapbooks’ worth of maps and POI information into one compact device, These Garmin-licensed maps contain all the detailed Park write-ups you can find in our Mapbooks, and even some that we cannot fit in our books. Our GPS Maps also allow you to track your trip through a park, so you can retrace your steps at a later date or share your adventure with friends.


You will also find all of our park information on our BRMB Maps App, which is great for the casual explorer taking a day-trip out of the city. This app includes all of the detailed maps, POIs and park descriptions found in our Mapbooks and GPS Maps, along with trip tracking and extra features such as geo-tagged photos, perfect for keeping track of that scenic viewpoint or hidden waterfall that you may come across while exploring your park of choice. Just remember to download your offline map before heading into the backcountry.



We hope you have as much fun exploring Canada’s parks as we have guiding you through them!



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