What’s New in 2020 for BRMB Mobile Maps

BRMB is proud to offer our Canada-wide map collection across a variety of navigation apps for both Apple and Android devices. These apps effectively turn your phone or tablet into a fully-functional GPS navigator and include Avenza Maps, Gaia GPS, Locus Mao, TopoMaps+ and ViewRanger. In order to enhance your navigation experience while using these apps, BRMB has rolled out a number of additional map options for 2020. Here are some of the updates you will find using BRMB Mobile Maps this year.

Photo by @moniquesong (Instagram)

Avenza Maps

Available for Apple and Android, Avenza Maps offers over 1,450 individual Backroad Mapbook topographic maps as part of their almost one million map collection. Individual BRMB TOPO maps ($1.99 USD/each), complete Backroad Mapbook map bundles ($19.99-24.99 USD/each), dual-sided BRMB recreation maps ($9.99 USD/each) and Alberta & BC Park maps (1.99 USD/each) are available. New for 2020 are updated Backroad Mapbooks bundles for Kootenay Rockies BC and Vancouver Island BC. Unique to Avenza users is the ability to access the individual TOPO maps for these updated Mapbook titles. Also look for the ever-evolving list of dual-sided recreation maps that includes areas around Prince George, BC as well as Bancroft, Ontario.

Gaia GPS

Available for Apple and Android, Gaia GPS offers our Canada-wide Backroad Mapbook Base Map as part of its Premium Membership ($49.99 USD per year). One of the main features that sets Gaia GPS apart from the other mobile maps is the ability to download individual trail overlays for the BRMB maps. BRMB map users already have access to a multi-use trail overlay (115,470 km in total), snowmobile trail overlay (145,000 km) and ATV trail overlay (110,000 km), and BRMB is pleased to unveil our brand new paddling route overlay for canoers and kayakers. This layer includes 91,000 km of river, lake and ocean paddling routes, plus 3,250 km of portage trails.

In addition to this new paddling layer, Gaia GPS is now compatible with Apple CarPlay, bringing the app directly to the touch screen built into your vehicle’s dash.

Locus Map

Designed for Android devices, Locus Map features its own LoCoin currency, with the BRMB Mapbook bundle prices similar to those offered on other apps (about $24.99 USD/each). New for 2020 are updated Mapbook bundles for Kootenay Rockies BC and Vancouver Island BC. These complement the already existing mapbook bundles stretching across Canada. Whether exploring the various regional books of BC, Alberta and Ontario, or the provincial titles of Saskatchewan, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia or Newfoundland Labrador, we have the adventure map you are looking for.

Topo Maps+

Designed for iOS/Apple, Topo Maps+ offers Backroad Mapbook TOPO map bundles for $24.99 USD/each. Brand new for 2020 are updated Backroad Mapbooks bundles for Kootenay Rockies BC and Vancouver Island BC. We have also expanded our dual-sided BRMB recreation maps bundles for BC and Ontario. Reduced to $9.99 USD/each, the georeferenced version of our waterproof recreation maps cover large areas on each map and we now cover most of the popular areas of BC, from Vancouver Island through the Kootenays and north. We also offer these maps for Algonquin Park and the Bancroft District areas of Ontario.


Compatible with both Apple and Android, ViewRanger offers our full line of dual-sided waterproof recreation maps. With expanded coverage and a price reduction to match the other apps at $9.99 USD/each, these maps cover large areas and most of the recreational hot spots in BC. From the Chilliwack, Merritt and Squamish area to the Okanagan Shuswap and Kamloops and Interlakes Highways areas of BC, there is a good selection of topographic maps to choose from. In addition, we also offer these maps for Algonquin Park and the Bancroft District areas of Ontario.

The BRMB team is confident that these new features and map options will help you get the most out of your outdoor experience, no matter which app you choose to use!