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On New Brunswick’s rugged Atlantic Coast, the Fundy Footpath charts a course through some of the last remaining coastal wilderness areas on the east side of the continent. In Nova Scotia’s Cape Breton Highlands National Park, terraced boardwalks lead to viewpoints over the winding coastline, with the Atlantic Ocean disappearing into the horizon beyond. In Ontario, trails lead to the top of the Sleeping Giant, offering sprawling views of Lake Superior from atop his prostrate body.


Cape Breton Highlands National Park. Photo Credit:


In Saskatchewan’s Cypress Hills Provincial Park, trails take you through rolling grasslands and to the highest points of land between the Canadian Rockies and Labrador. To the west, the Rocky Mountains lure hikers and mountaineers from across the planet to their ancient glaciers and breathtaking peaks. And on BC’s Vancouver Island, the West Coast Trail leads you along sandy beaches and through ancient rainforest, while whales cruise the waters just meters away.


Old growth forest near Whistler, BC. Photo credit:


From coast to coast, Canada is a land of limitless adventure for trail users. Casual day hikes, historic fur trading routes, white-knuckle downhill mountain bike trails, long-distance horseback trails… there truly is something for every type of trail explorer. With this in mind, Backroad Mapbooks charts thousands of trails across the country, supplementing them with detailed written descriptions. To give you a better idea of everything we offer trail users, here are some highlights you will find in our products:


Unparalleled Map Detail

No other recreation map provides you with the level of detail that you will find in your Backroad Mapbook. Industry-leading topographic relief, shading and contours make these maps incredibly easy to read, so you know when to expect a sudden elevation change while out on the trail.


Mountain peaks are clearly labelled and include elevation, and we chart lakes, rivers and creeks so you do not have any unexpected water crossing while exploring the backcountry. Glaciers and wetlands are clearly shown, and we include parks boundaries, Indian Reserves, conservation areas and more.


The trails themselves are easy to see and are charted by our expert team of cartographers using the most up-to-date data available, including government sources and user-submitted GPS tracks. We also provide you with unparalleled road coverage, including countless logging and recreation roads so you can determine the best trailhead access possible. Additionally, we show you old roads, transmission lines, pipelines and cutlines, so you can even explore off the trail. This level of cartographic detail can be found across our wide range of products, including GPS Maps, the BRMB Web Map & App, Waterproof Rec Maps and TOPO Maps.


Backroad Mapbooks Canadian Rockies


Written Descriptions

Most of the trails that you find on our maps are supplemented by detailed written descriptions found in our Adventure section, carefully compiled by our team of outdoor writers and researches. These descriptions include information on access, distance, difficulty, elevation gain, trail highlights and more, so you can get a clear picture of where you are headed before ever stepping foot on the trail. These descriptions also include easy map references and activity symbols, so you know what to expect and who can use the trail with just a quick glance.


Written Descriptions


Designed for All Types of Trail Users

The trails charted on our maps are classified as developed trails, undeveloped trails (routes), snowmobile trails, motorized trails, long distance trails and the Trans Canada Trail. Additionally, at each trailhead you will see symbols indicating the appropriate method for travel along a trail, including on foot, mountain bike, horse, snowshoe and cross-country ski. Particularly scenic trails are indicated as such, as are challenging mountaineering routes. No matter which type of trail explorer you are, we’ve got you covered.


Backroad Mapbooks Kootenay Rockies


Unmatched Coverage

Our team of researchers and cartographers scours every available resource to provide you with the most detailed, accurate and up-to-date trail information possible. In many cases, our trail coverage surpasses even that of official sources, since we include unofficial backcountry and mountaineering routes and often have GPS tracks to verify distances and elevation gains. Our trails are constantly reviewed, revised and updated to ensure that you are looking at the most current trail information. Whether you are setting out on a casual afternoon walk, a mountain bike trail, horse packing route, or on a multi-day wilderness journey, you can be confident that you are looking at the number one source for Canadian trail information.


Trail Adventure Index


Thousands of POIs

In addition to clearly labelled trailheads, we show you a wide range of natural and man-made features that you will encounter along the trail. These include campsites, cabins and shelters, picnic sites, caves, big trees, ranger stations, rock climbing areas, viewpoints, hot springs, microwave towers, mine sites, pictographs, historic sites and more. No other recreation map provides you with this many Points of Interest, so you will never run out of things to see in the backcountry.


Backroad Mapbooks Cottage Country Ontario


Multiple Platforms

In addition to our classic Backroad Mapbooks, we offer a wide range of products that cater specifically to trail users. Our Waterproof Rec Maps cover much of BC and Ontario and are a favourite for trail users for their light weight and durability. These maps include all the detail of our Backroad Mapboks at an even better scale, and can fit right in your front pocket.


For even greater detail, you can choose from over 1,500 different TOPO Maps.. These large-format maps start at 1:50,000 scale and are perfect for trip planning, or just getting a bird’s eye view of the area you are exploring. Many trail users choose to hang these maps up in their study or workshop for easy reference.


Many serious explorers, especially those who like to go on multi-day backcountry excursions, prefer our GPS Maps. These maps contain all the detailed map data that Backroad Mapbooks is famous for, plus handy features like trip tracking and pinpointing your exact location along the trail to help you find your destination or way back.


Other trail explorers prefer to use our BRMB Web Map & App, which is a low price, easy-to-use alternative to the GPS Maps. The app includes all of our industry-leading maps and detailed trail descriptions, plus features like trip tracking and geo-referenced photos, so you can mark that trail fork, scenic lookout or big tree for future reference.



For the ultimate guide to Canada’s countless trails, check out our complete selection of map products at, or find an official retailer near you with the help of our store locator.


All of us here at Backroad Mapbooks wish you many long, sunny days on the trail!