Backroad Mapbooks – Your Ultimate Guide to Hunting Across Canada

As any hunter knows, Canada’s backcountry is full of wildlife. From large ungulates like moose, elk and caribou to game birds such as grouse, partridges and waterfowl, the options for hunters are as diverse as the land itself.

Woodland Caribou in Newfoundland. Photo credit: argali

In the remote northern Rocky Mountains, expert trackers spend days or weeks in the bush in search of a trophy mountain goat. On the southern plains of Alberta and Saskatchewan, pronghorn antelope offer hunters a unique quarry. In Manitoba, the province’s huge lakes create natural funnels for ducks and geese. In the woods of Ontario, huge moose rule the backcountry. And further east, the wilds of Newfoundland are home to some of the highest concentrations of woodland caribou on the continent. No matter which part of the country you find yourself in, there is some incredible hunting to be had.

Goose hunting in Manitoba. Photo credit:

To help you make the most of all the hunting opportunities Canada offers, Backroad Mapbooks packs our maps full of hunting information. From clearly marked Wildlife Management Units and Zones to our industry-leading logging road coverage and written descriptions of hunting areas, we design our maps to give you the edge over your fellow hunters, and your target. Here are a few of the key features that make Backroad Mapbooks your number one navigational resource for hunting across Canada:

Clearly Marked Wildlife Management Units and Zones, Game Hunting Areas and Zones de Chasse

Our industry-leading maps show you the boundaries of every hunting area across the country, including Wildlife Management Units, Wildlife Management Zones, Game Hunting Areas, Caribou Management Areas, Moose Management Areas and Zones de Chasse. With the help of our maps you can tell exactly which regulations apply to the area you are hunting in. We also show you First Nation reserves, conservation areas, wildlife refuges and provincial and national parks across the country, along with Crown and private land in many provinces.

Unparalleled Map Detail

Our maps are renowned for their high level of detail and easy-to-read topographic relief and shading. This means you can anticipate any change in elevation while exploring a logging road or trail. We also chart lakes, rivers, streams and creeks so you do not have any unexpected crossings while searching for wildlife. Additionally, we mark natural features such as wetlands and glaciers, and mountain peaks are clearly labelled and include elevation. While looking at our maps you can count on the most accurate representation of your hunting terrain possible.

Industry-Leading Road and Trail Coverage

Backroad Mapbooks is proud to show you more roads than any other map source. In addition to highways and rural roads we feature thousands of logging roads, resource roads, unclassified roads and even deactivated roads, providing you with unprecedented access into the country’s backcountry and most fertile wildlife habitats. Cutlines, pipelines and powerlines are charted as well, and we show you thousands of ATV, snowmobile, horse and hiking trails so you can penetrate even deeper into the backcountry for the best bow and rifle hunting possible.

Backroad Advantage

Our maps also show you thousands of other Points of Interest that are not found on most maps. Most notably, we include countless campsites, including remote forestry recreation sites often used by hunters. We also show you cabins and warming shelters, airstrips, ranger stations, dams, gas plants, gates, float plane landings, viewpoints and microwave towers, so you know exactly what to expect from the area you are hunting in. Whether you are looking for white-tailed deer along the logging roads of interior BC or are setting up a bird blind in a farmer’s field on Prince Edward Island, you can count on these maps to show you every noteworthy feature in that area.

Hunting Summaries

All of the hunting areas on our maps are supplemented with written descriptions found in our Adventures section, compiled by our team of outdoor writers and researchers. These descriptions include listings of the main species for the areas you will be hunting, along with tips for a successful hunt and notes on regulations and restrictions. Notably, we chronicle all the Wildlife Management Units and Zones, Game Hunting Areas and Zones de Chasse across the country, so you can know exactly what to expect from a hunting area before ever going there. Whether you are moose hunting in Ontario or flushing a grouse out of the bush in New Brunswick, we have your hunting area covered.

Multiple Platforms

In addition to our classic Backroad Mapbooks, we offer a variety of map products that are specifically designed for hunters. Our Waterproof Rec Maps feature all the detail of our Backroad Mapbooks blown up to a larger scale. Printed on durable, weather-resistant material, these maps fold up neatly to fit in your front pocket and are perfect for hunting trips where weight is a factor.

We also offer over 1,500 TOPO Maps. Beginning at 1:50,000 scale, these maps are ideal for planning your hunting trip due to their large format and high level of detail. With all the roads, POIs and hunting area boundaries of our Backroad Mapbooks, these maps give you the clearest picture possible of your hunting area.

Our GPS Maps contain all of our detailed maps and written descriptions, plus added features such as trip tracking, so you can retrace your steps to that hidden meadow or perfect blind at a later date.

We also offer our Backroad Navigator app for Apple and Android, which functions much like the GPS Maps with detailed maps, written descriptions and trip tracking. The app also has additional features such as links to regulations and more detailed hunting species information. The ability to take geotagged photos also allows you to snap a photo of that prime scouting area or fork in the trail for future reference.

All of these features and more make Backroad Mapbooks your number one navigation resource for hunting across Canada. You can check out our full range of products online or use our store locator to find a Backroad Mapbooks retailer near you. We’re confident that our maps will help you have the hunt of a lifetime!