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Off New Brunswick’s Atlantic Coast, the waters of the Bay of Fundy captivate sea kayakers from around the world. Rising and falling as much as 15 metres (50 ft) throughout the course of a day, the tides have carved intricate patterns out of the rocky shore, allowing paddlers to navigate through tunnels and narrow passageways below flowerpot rock formations. In Ontario, the famous canoeing routes of Algonquin Provincial Park have been paddled for generations – countless secluded, forest-lined lakes teem with trout, and you may even see a moose swimming next to your canoe.


In Saskatchewan, the remote rivers of the north lead through pristine wilderness where you can paddle for weeks and not run into another human being. As you move into the Rocky Mountains, challenging whitewater runs offer unmatched thrills for paddlers. And on BC’s west coast, kayakers can float alongside sea lions, seals, porpoises and orca whales among some of the most biologically diverse waters on the planet. No matter which part of Canada you find yourself in, there is a canoeing or kayaking adventure that is guaranteed to create lifelong memories.


Whitewater kayaking in BC. Photo credit:


Clearly Marked Routes:

Our celebrated, highly-detailed maps show clearly defined paddling routes for rivers and lakes across the country, plus ocean paddling routes for coastal areas. These routes include labelled put-in and take-out locations, as well as campsites for those extended multi-day journeys. We also show you most of the portages you will encounter along your paddle, complete with distance. Additionally, many of the lakes along these routes include labelled fish species, so you can decide whether or not to bring along your fishing rod.


As part of our highly-detailed topographic maps, it’s easy to understand the lay of the land around these routes with clearly visible waterfalls and rapids, streams, wetlands, mountains and other natural features. We also provide you with unparalleled road coverage for the surrounding area, so finding a secondary access point is easy to do. These routes are shown on all BRMB products, including our TOPO Maps, Waterproof Rec Maps, GPS Maps and Backroad Navigator app.


Map Image: VIBC Page 7 (Sayward Forest Canoe Route)


Thousands of POIs

Along with put-ins and take-outs, campsites and portages, we show you a plethora of man-made and natural features that you will find along your paddling route. These include recreation sites, beaches, rapids, boat launches, canoe and kayak access points, dams, fish hatcheries, spawning ladders, ferry routes, marinas, lighthouses, log dumps, waterfalls, shipwrecks, float plane landings and more. Water-access hiking trails are clearly labelled, and we even include caves, diving areas, surf breaks and whale watching hot spots. If that isn’t enough, we also label fishing areas and historic sites, including First Nations villages. With these maps in hand, there is no limit to what you can discover


Map Image: VIBC Page 10 (Gambier Island)


Written Descriptions

Most of the paddling routes you will find in our maps are supplemented with detailed written descriptions compiled by our team of outdoor writers and researchers. These descriptions include access, put-in and take-out locations, grade and difficulty, notable features and hazards, portages, trip time and length, highlights and more. These descriptions also include easy-to-use map references, plus tips and tricks for all levels of paddlers. With the help of these written descriptions, you can set off on your paddling adventures with the confidence of a local, even if it is your first time in the area.


Written Description: New Brunswick – Chiputneticook Lakes Canoe Route


More Routes than Any Other Source

No other recreation map provides you with the breadth of detailed paddling coverage that you will find in your Backroad Mapbook. Covering every province from coast to coast including multiple titles for BC, Alberta and Ontario (Quebec is GPS only), you can count on detailed paddling information for canoe routes, kayak routes, whitewater routes, ocean paddling, flatwater routes, canoe tripping and voyageur routes. We also offer GPS Maps for the Yukon Territory, where you can find some of the world’s most celebrated wilderness paddling routes.


Multiple Platforms

In addition to our classic Backroad Mapbooks, we offer a variety of map products to cater to each individual paddler’s needs. Our Waterproof Rec Maps cover much of BC and Ontario and are a favourite for canoers and kayakers due to their light weight and durability. These maps include all the detail of our Backroad Mapbooks at an even higher scale, and fold up neatly to fit right in your front pocket.


For even greater detail, we offer over 1,500 different TOPO Maps. Starting at 1:50,000 scale, these large-format maps are perfect for trip planning, and many paddlers choose to hang them up in their study, office or workshop.


For extended paddling trips through the wilderness, nothing beats our GPS Maps. Containing all the detailed map data you would expect from a Backroad Mapbooks product, these maps include a ton of handy features including trip tracking, and have the ability to pinpoint your exact location while exploring a river, lake or coastline. Perfect for canoe tripping.


Paddlers may also be pleasantly surprised by our Backroad Navigator app. In addition to our industry-leading maps and all of our detailed adventure write-ups, this app allows for trip tracking and has handy features like geo-tagged photos, so you can save the exact location of that waterfall, rapid or scenic point for future reference.



For the ultimate coast-to-coast guide to Canadian canoeing and kayaking, check out our complete selection of map products at or find an official retailer near you with the help of our store locator.


Yukon River, Yukon. Photo credit:


We hope you have as much fun paddling these routes as we did charting them!