Backroad Mapbooks – Your Ultimate Guide to Snowmobiling Across Canada

Snowmobiling is more than just a hobby. For many Canadians, it is a way of life. Once the snow falls, everything else takes a backseat to getting out on the sled, and Canada is full of incredible places to go riding. In BC, cities like Revelstoke and Pemberton are surrounded by playgrounds of alpine bowls, mountains and forests, with annual snowfall usually topping 10 metres (33 ft). On the other side of the Rockies, the foothills and fields of Alberta are criss-crossed by thousands of kilometers of snowmobile trails.

Snowmobiling near Pemberton, BC. Photo credit:

Moving east, a dedicated core of snowmobilers maintains a vast network of trails across the prairies, and places like Manitoba’s Whiteshell Provincial Park offer some of the most incredible riding in the country. In Quebec, regions such as the Laurentians boast a thriving snowmobile culture, with endless wooded trails and scenic viewpoints to climb to. And as you move into the Maritimes, rolling hills, rugged woodlands, frozen lakes and ocean vistas add up to some unforgettable sledding. No matter which corner of Canada you find yourself in, incredible snowmobiling awaits.

Snowmobiling in Northern Ontario. Photo credit:

The Most Comprehensive Trail Coverage Available

No other map source shows you as many snowmobile trails as Backroad Mapbooks, with thousands of kilometers of trails stretching from coast to coast. We show you the best snowmobile trails in every province, plus the Yukon Territory. Many of the trails are supplemented with written descriptions found in our Snowmobile Adventure section, and we offer our carefully charted sledding trails across all of our map products including Waterproof Rec Maps, TOPO Maps, GPS Maps and our Web Map. Whether you are sledding in the high alpine of BC’s Coast Mountains or cruising along an old railbed in PEI, we’ve got you covered.

Unparalleled Map Detail

Featuring our industry-leading topographic relief and shading, no other maps are as detailed or easy to read as ours. These maps show you access roads, clearly defined changes in elevation along with labelled mountain peaks and glaciers, so you can confidently navigate any sledding terrain, from steep mountainside to valley bottom. We also show you clearly defined park boundaries along with conservation areas and wildlife refuges, so you can stay out of areas where snowmobiling is prohibited. Crown and private land is also shown for many of the provinces, and we chart creeks, lakes, rivers and wetland you may encounter while sledding.

Thousands of POIs

In addition to trailheads and staging areas, we show you a wide range of other Points of Interest you will see while snowmobiling including backcountry cabins, warming huts, mine sites, microwave towers, scenic viewpoints, multi-use trails, waterfalls, airstrips and more. We also show you thousands of campsites and day-use areas, plus downhill and backcountry ski areas. No other map source provides you with this level of detail.

Industry-leading Road Coverage

In addition to the highways and rural roads shown on our maps, we chart countless resource roads, logging roads, unclassified roads and deactivated roads, many of which are unplowed in the winter, offering thousands of kilometres of additional snowmobiling opportunities. We also show you powerlines, pipelines and seismic lines, which form arterial corridors for snowmobilers in many parts of the country. Combined with the designated snowmobile trails found on our maps, this adds up to many lifetimes’ worth of riding.

Written Descriptions

Many of the snowmobile trails and riding areas found on our maps are supplemented with written descriptions compiled by our team of outdoor writers and researchers. These descriptions usually include trail length, elevation change, staging areas, directions, difficulty, trail highlights and more. With the help of our writing, you will know exactly what to expect from a snowmobiling area, whether you are cruising along a frozen lake in Manitoba or sledding in the high alpine of Alberta’s Crowsnest Pass.

Multiple Platforms

In addition to our classic Backroad Mapbooks, we offer a variety of map products that cater specifically to snowmobilers. Our Waterproof Rec Maps feature all the detail of our Backroad Mapbooks blown up to a larger scale. Printed on durable, weather-resistant material, these maps are perfect for snowmobilers looking to carry as little weight as possible.

We also offer over 1,500 TOPO Maps. Beginning at 1:50,000 scale, these maps are great for trip planning. The large format and high level of detail gives you the clearest picture of your snowmobiling area possible.

Our GPS Maps contain all of our detailed maps and written descriptions, plus added features such as trip tracking, so you can retrace your snowmobile route at a later date and check statistics such as distance travelled and elevation gain.

We also offer our BRMB Maps app for Apple and Android mobile devices, which functions much the like the GPS Maps with detailed maps, written descriptions and trip tracking. The app also has additional features such as geotagged photos, you can snap a shot of that hidden stating area, fork in the trail or scenic viewpoint for future reference.

All of these features and more make Backroad Mapbooks your number one navigational resource for snowmobiling and sledding across Canada. You can check out our full range of products online or use our store locator to find a Backroad Mapbooks retailer near you. We’re confident that our maps will help you have the snowmobiling adventure of a lifetime!