The Ultimate Backcountry Navigation Experience

Backroad Mapbooks is pleased to announce that our Canada-wide catalogue of Backroad GPS Maps is now available for the Garmin 66i. Combining the latest in handheld GPS technology with the most detailed recreation maps available for the country, there has never been a better tool for exploring the backcountry. Whether you are deep in the bush for days on end or are just out for a cruise along a secluded back road, you can count on these maps to keep your adventure rolling smoothly.

The Garmin 66i is the company’s latest offering and is jam-packed with cool features. Here are a few that we think you should know about:

inReach® Compatible

Garmin 66i users who purchase a satellite subscription can use inReach® satellite communication technology. This allows your GPS device to function in a number of new ways:

1. The Garmin 66i becomes a two-way messaging and tracking device, allowing you to communicate with any cell phone number, email address or another inReach device around the globe.

2. Users who enable LiveTrack can share their progress and location with those at home on their MapShare page.

3. Users have access to a 24/7 SOS trigger in case of an emergency, connecting you with the GEOS emergency response team. GEOS will notify emergency responders, the user’s contacts and provide interactive support by messaging back and forth.

Effectively, inReach® connects your phone to the global Iridium® satellite network, so no matter how far off the grid you are, you can always be in touch with the outside world when you need to be. Whether you’ve sustained an injury and need emergency help, are providing a routine update to a loved one or are tracking the progress of a fellow hiker, the 66i keeps you connected.

Built to Last

Constructed to the US military standards for shock, vibration and water resistance, the Garmin 66i features a 3 in (7.6 cm) colour display and a battery that lasts up to 35 hours in default tracking mode. If you turn on Expedition mode, you can get up to 200 hours of battery life while still using inReach®. And in addition to a mapping function, this unit provides an altimeter, barometer and compass.

Backroad GPS Maps Available

Garmin 66i users can install their Backroad GPS Map of choice, with complete coverage from BC to Newfoundland and even the Northern Territories. These GPS Maps provide you with industry-leading cartographic detail, from topographic relief and shading to clearly shown creeks, wetlands, parks and reserves and, of course, our famous back road coverage. Additionally, these maps provide you with tons of outdoor recreation information, from showing you hiking trails, hot springs and fishing holes to providing detailed descriptions of paddling routes and campsites.

Note: the SD slot on the Garmin 66i is on the side. Additionally, some users have reported that the maps are slow to load upon first use. Please be patient when first installing the maps, and note that the speed will increase after the initial download.

Birdseye Satellite Imagery

While connected to Wi-Fi, Garmin 66i users can download high-resolution, photo-realistic views of their route, allowing you to look for clearings, trailheads, unmarked roads, hunting stand locations, beaches and more.

Premium GPS Navigation

Of course, the backbone of the Garmin 66i is its GPS capability, allowing you to accurately view your location, track your progress, save and share your trip, create waypoints and more. Combined with BRMB’s cartographic detail and recreation information, you won’t find a more useful GPS navigation device anywhere.

Whether you are canoe tripping along a secluded lake circuit on Vancouver Island, fishing rod in hand, tracking a white-tailed deer through the forests of Saskatchewan or exploring the vast wilderness of Newfoundland atop an ATV or snowmobile, we’re confident that our Backroad GPS Maps combined with the Garmin 66i unit will provide you with the most accurate and detailed navigation experience possible.

You can find your way to these and many more Backroad Maps with the help of our Backroad Mapbooks and Backroad GPS Maps. No other map product gives you the breadth of road coverage than ours do, helping you find that secluded, unobstructed viewing area with ease.

Did we miss your favourite destination? Let us know in the comments below or share your best northern lights photos with us on Instagram using #brmblife for a chance to be featured on our feed and win prizes.

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