4th Edition Okanagan Valley and Shuswap BC Waterproof Map Now Available

Located in the heart of the BC interior, the Okanagan Valley & Shuswap region is one of the most recreation-rich areas in the entire country. From lush old-growth forests to arid desert-like landscapes, hidden waterfalls, towering mountains and pristine lakes, there is something incredible to discover around every corner. To help you navigate this breathtaking part of Canada, we have released the fourth edition of our Okanagan Valley & Shuswap BC Waterproof Map, featuring extensive updates and expanded coverage from our last edition. This durable, lightweight and easy-to-use recreation map puts all the detail of our popular Backroad Mapbooks right in your front pocket.


In the southern portion of these maps, the popular vacation destinations of Kelowna and Penticton are hotspots for swimming and boating on the warm, clear waters of Okanagan Lake. As you move away from these larger cities, you will discover hidden recreation goldmines like the Christian Valley, where you can find some of the most picturesque riverside camping anywhere, and Granby Provincial Park, famous for its pristine mountain streams and rich wildlife habitat. To the north, charming communities like Armstrong and Enderby are surrounded by untouched BC wilderness in every direction, while the Shuswap Lakes offer even more fishing, boating and swimming. In the winter, you can sample some of the best downhill skiing and snowboarding in the world at resorts like Big White, Silverstar and Revelstoke.


Shuswap Lake, BC. Photo credit: salmonarm.ca


With so much to see and do, a proper navigational tool can make all the difference, and our Okanagan Valley & Shuswap BC Waterproof Map is just the ticket. Here are some of the features that make this map your ultimate guide to this one-of-a-kind area:


Extensive Updates

The 4th Edition Okanagan Valley & Shuswap Waterproof Map features numerous updates and expanded coverage from our last edition. We have extended the map coverage to the north to include all of Adams Lake and the upper reaches of the Shuswap Lakes, including Antsey Hunakwa Provincial Park and the Seymour River. To the east, this map now covers the outdoor playground around Revelstoke and most of Revelstoke Lake, along with the pristine wilderness of Monashee Provincial Park and Granby Provincial Park. To the south, we have also included the area around Grand Forks and historic Greenwood. We have also added private leased land to keep you in bounds while exploring the wilderness, as well as marked fish species (both stocked and native) for lakes and rivers.



Easy to Read and Use

This large format 1:150,000 scale map is derived from our Backroad Mapbooks, giving you the industry-leading cartographic detail and topographic relief shading you have come to expect from our products. The dual-sided map combines numerous pages from our Backroad Mapbooks into a seamless format and is printed on durable, waterproof and tear-resistant paper allowing you to easily navigate the Okanagan Valley & Shuswap backcountry no matter the weather.



Unparalleled Road Coverage

The 4th Edition Okanagan Valley & Shuswap Waterproof Map shows over 63,700 km (39,580 mi) of roads including highways, city roads, paved rural roads and logging resource roads. All of the roads are colour-coded and our enhanced road classification allows you to easily distinguish between each type of road, so you can choose the route that best suits your vehicle, whether you are in search of that hidden rainbow trout fishing hotspot, epic hiking trail or sandy beach.



Endless Trails

No other recreation map shows as many trails as this one. In our 4th Edition Okanagan Valley & Shuswap Waterproof Maps you will find over 4,800 km (2,980 mi) of multi-use trails for hikers, mountain bikers, cross-country skiers, snowshoers, horseback riders and more, complete with trailheads and symbols for appropriate usage. We also show over 4,200 km (2,600 mi) of motorized trails for ATVers, as well as almost 2,600 km (1,615 mi) of snowmobile trails complete with staging areas. Whether you are charging the mountainsides around Revelstoke on your snowmobile or quietly exploring the hiking trails in Monashee Provincial Park, we’ve got you covered.



Angling and Hunting

This waterproof map shows you dozens of fishing lakes and rivers with sportfish species clearly marked on the map. We also show clearly defined Wildlife Management Units (WMUs) as well as private leased land to help you follow the correct rules and regulations for the area you are in. Whether you are going after one of the 19 species of fish found in the Shuswap Lakes or searching for that trophy buck in the hills above Beaverdell, we’ve got you covered.





Of course, the only way to fully appreciate all the features of our latest Okanagan Valley & Shuswap BC Waterproof Map is to pick up a copy for yourself. You can easily order one online or use our store locator to find an official Backroad Mapbooks retailer near you. We are confident that the 4th Edition Okanagan Valley & Shuswap BC Waterproof Map will help you make the most out of this incredible area!


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