New Algonquin Provincial Park Ontario Waterproof Map and App Now Available!

Located in the heart of Ontario’s Cottage Country, Algonquin Park is one of Canada’s largest provincial parks, and one of its most popular – for a good reason! Known for its lush forests and pristine lakes, Algonquin Park is a revered destination for canoe trippers, backpackers, anglers and wildlife viewers. With over 7,600 km sq (2,900 mi sq) of backcountry, you could spend a lifetime exploring the park and still have plenty left to discover.

Algonquin Provincial Park

To help you navigate this expanse of scenic wilderness, Backroad Mapbooks has released an updated version of our Algonquin Park Ontario Waterproof Adventure Map. Featuring the entire park on one side, and close-up detail of the Highway 60 corridor on the other, this dual-sided map is your ultimate guide to outdoor adventure in Algonquin Park. Durable, lightweight and easy-to-use, this map puts all the detail of our popular Backroad Mapbooks right in your front pocket, with countless points of interest, paddling routes, hiking trails, campsite, fishing information and more!

Moose in Algonquin Provincial Park

Here are a few of the features that make this the map of choice for visitors to Algonquin Park:

Dual-Sided Coverage

This next-generation map features the entire park on one side, covering all the area from Kiosk to Achray and from the East Gate to the West Gate and beyond. On the other side, we give you a close-up look at the Highway 60 corridor, the park’s recreational centre, and all the nearly-endless outdoor adventure options you will find there.

Algonquin Park Waterproof Map

Easy to Read and Use

This large-format map is derived from our Backroad Mapbooks, giving you the industry-leading cartographic detail and topographic relief shading you have come to expect from our products. With a 1:140,000 scale map on one side and a 1:75,000 scale map on the other, this map combines several pages of our Backroad Mapbooks into a seamless format. Printed on durable, waterproof, tear-resistant paper, this map will withstand any storm, camping trip or paddling adventure.

Algonquin Park Waterproof Map

Unparalleled Road and Trail Coverage

No other map shows you this many trails for hiking, mountain biking, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing in Algonquin Park. The trails are clearly marked and classified on the map, so you know the entrances to each trail as well as what activities apply to each trail. We also include a trail chart showing you exact trail distances and difficulty. Additionally, this map brings you industry-leading coverage of all the highways, logging and access roads that are open to the public within the park.

Algonquin Park Waterproof Map

Dozens of Canoe Routes

With over 2,000 lakes, Algonquin Park is a world-renowned paddling destination. This adventure map brings you comprehensive coverage of all the canoe routes within the park, complete with access points, portages and paddle-in campsites. We also include a paddling chart complete with distance and difficulty, and each portage is labelled with distances and designated as low or high maintained.

Algonquin Park Waterproof Map

The Angler’s Advantage

No other map brings you as much fishing information as this one. The park’s many rich fishing lakes and rivers are labelled with species and stocking information, and we provide you with a stocking chart for both splake and brook trout. Water access locations, boat ramps and paddling put-ins/take-outs are also clearly labelled, so you know exactly where to set out on your angling adventure.

Algonquin Park Waterproof Map

Of course, the only way to fully appreciate all the features of our latest Algonquin Provincial Park Ontario Waterproof Adventure Map is to pick one up for yourself. You can easily order one online or use our store locator to find an official Backroad Mapbooks retailer near you. The same Adventure Map is also available in Digital form, which allows you to track your route throughout the park, add waypoints, zoom in and out, and take advantage of GPS features. Further details can be found here

Algonquin Park App

We are also pleased to announce the release of our brand-new Algonquin Park App, which is available for download on Google Play or the Apple App Store. Similar to our main BRMB App, the Algonquin Park App is loaded with park specific tips and details, with paddling routes and access points, multi-use backcountry trails, backcountry and front-country campsites, fishing lakes and rivers, as well as offline navigation and satellite map imagery options. Check out our new App here

Algonquin Park App

Happy adventuring, and be sure to tell us about your favourite Algonquin Park adventures below!