Happy Hunting with Backroad GPS Maps

With hunting season in full swing, you’ve most likely already dusted off your camo, cleaned your rifle and purchased your hunting license. But what a lot of hunters forget is that it’s important to decide what type of navigation method you will need on your hunting trip before you head out the door. While our Backroad Mapbooks are the perfect tool to start charting out your hunting adventure when it comes time to head into the backcountry many hunters prefer bringing along a GPS unit. Lightweight, durable and packed with extra features and tools, our Garmin-compatible GPS Maps are the perfect hunting buddy, whether you are cruising for white-tailed deer along BC’s backroads, tracking a moose through Ontario’s boreal forest or setting up a goose blind in the farm fields of PEI. Here are a few reasons to go hunting with Backroad GPS Maps.

Comprehensive Coverage

Covering every province from BC to Nova Scotia, plus the Yukon Territory and now Quebec, our GPS maps put all the detail of our Backroad Mapbook series directly in the palm of your hand. Serious hunters can use our GPS Combo Maps which combine several provinces into one map, including Western CanadaEastern CanadaAtlantic Canada and BC & Alberta. This means you can be tracking mountain caribou in BC’s Columbia Mountains one weekend and scouting for pronghorn antelope in Alberta’s prairies the next, without having to purchase a separate GPS Map.

Unparalleled Detail

Our Garmin-compatible maps feature industry-leading topographic relief shading and 3D views, allowing you to easily find that height-of-land to scout for your game of choice. Locate that marshy area where moose may be feeding, or make your way into the hidden valley rich with white-tailed deer – this hunting GPS Map makes it easier than ever before.

Wildlife Management and Crown Land

Our Backroad GPS Maps feature smart background and searchable Wildlife Management Units, Wildlife Management Areas and Zones de Chasse across Canada, allowing you to know exactly which regulations apply to the area you are hunting in. We also feature Crown and Private land for the provinces of BCOntarioNova ScotiaNew Brunswick and Quebec, so you can stay focused on the hunt and not on wondering whether you have wandered out of bounds of your hunting area.

Adventure Listings

All of our GPS Maps are loaded with Hunting Adventure listings compiled by our team of researchers and writers. Here you will find detailed write-ups for each game species found in a specific area, along with tips on where to find them and how to maximize your chances of success. We also provide you with detailed descriptions of Wildlife Management Units, Wildlife Management Areas and Zones De Chasse across the country, from the bear and moose territory of Northern Saskatchewan to the game bird corridors of Newfoundland.

Getting There

At Backroad Mapbooks, we know that half of the challenge of a good hunt is getting to the right area. That is why we give you the most comprehensive road coverage available anywhere, from highways to city roads, paved rural roads, industry roads, forest service roads and beyond. Exclusive to our GPS Maps, these roads are routable, making your journey to that deer hunting hot spot easier than ever before. Looking to check out more than one hunting area? Use the Via Routing feature to chart a multiple point route. No other hunting GPS map gets you into the backcountry with confidence like our Backroad GPS Maps.

Endless Trails

To help you get into the really hard-to-reach zones, where hunting pressure is low and game is big and plentiful, our Backroad GPS Maps contain 1,000s of kilometres of ATV and snowmobile trails. Many of these trails are listed in our Adventure listings, giving you detailed information on length, difficulty, trailheads, elevation gain and more. For targeting elusive, exciting game such as mountain goat or cougar, these trails give you a serious advantage over your fellow hunters.

Points of Interest

From waterfalls to scenic lookouts, our Backroad GPS Maps are chock-full of natural features to look out for while making your way through the Canadian backcountry. We also show you 1,000s of campsites and recreation sites from where to base your hunting adventure. Whether you are looking for a convenient roadside pull-off, or for a secluded creek-side camping spot where big game can be found just steps away, our hunting GPS Maps will get you exactly where you need to go.

Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to everything we have included in our Backroad GPS Maps. With these maps loaded onto your Garmin GPS unit, you can take your mind off the little things and enjoy the most successful hunt possible. Our Backroad GPS Maps can be easily ordered from our website, or you can find a Backroad Mapbooks retailer near you using our Store Locator. No other hunting GPS maps get you into and out of the backcountry with ease like these do.

Hunt with Backroad GPS Maps!

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