Get More Backroad Mapbooks Topographic Maps With the Topo Maps+ App

Designed for serious hikers and wilderness explorers, Topo Maps+ is one of the world’s leading backcountry navigation apps, turning your phone into a fully-functioning GPS unit. Backroad Mapbooks is proud to offer our maps as an in-app purchase for Topo Maps+, compatible with both iOS and Apple mobile devices! Topo Maps+ makes it easy to download mobile maps for offline use, so you can get reliable GPS tracking and navigation well out of cell or data service. With Topo Maps+, you can view your location on the map, add waypoints, trace new routes, measure distance and elevation change and share your tracks with friends once you are back in service. Topo Maps+ users can purchase BRMB map-bundles for $24.99 each, equivalent to one of our Backroad Mapbooks. These maps offer Canada-wide coverage and include all the detail you would expect from a BRMB product. This includes our industry-leading topographic relief and shading, unparalleled road coverage (including rarely-used and remote logging and industry roads) and countless trails for hikers, bikers, ATVers, snowmobilers and cross-country skiers. Canoers and kayakers can find detailed paddling route coverage and we include thousands of other recreational points of interest such as boat launches, lighthouses, viewpoints, waterfalls and more.  

New Map Titles Available Now

Topo Maps+ users can now access 13 BRMB Recreation Map titles covering the hottest outdoor recreation destinations across BC and Ontario. BC titles include Haida Gwaii, Vancouver Island North & South, Squamish, Chilliwack and Merritt, Kamloops and Interlakes, Okanagan Valley and Shuswap, East & West Kootenay, Bulkley-Nechako, Prince George and Mackenzie and Northeastern BC. Ontario titles include Algonquin Provincial Park and Bancroft District Crown Land. Each one of these Recreation Maps is available for purchase within Topo Maps+ for $12.99 USD each.

Exclusive Deals

To celebrate the release of these new map titles, BRMB is offering a 20% discount on all titles within the Topo Maps+ app. This includes the existing Map Bundles and the new Recreation Maps. Don’t delay – this sale only lasts from February 20th to March 1st, 2020!  

Unique Topo Maps+ Features

Track Progress

Topo Maps+ features an easy-to-read progress display showing you the elevation profile of your route and where you are located on it, along with distance to waypoints along the trail. This allows you to easily determine whether you are in the best place to take a break, set up camp or keep on pushing.    

Photo Overlays

Topo Maps+ shows you the exact point on the map and which direction you were facing when you took a photo, and photos are easily turned into waypoints. This geotagged photo feature is perfect for marking that scenic viewpoint or campsite.    

Mac Compatible

Ideal for trip planning and sharing your tracks or waypoints with friends, you can view the Topo Maps+ interface on the bigger screen of your Mac, then sync your data with your iPhone or iPad. All of your trip data can be easily organized into folders.    

Available for Apple Watch

Many of these Topo Maps+ features are available for use on the Apple Watch, including map viewing, trip recording and trip progress, so you have the option of leaving your mobile device at home or in your car.    

Seamless Map Navigation

Topo Maps+ allows you to integrate adjoining map bundles for seamless navigation between regions, i.e. the Northern BC map bundle and the Cariboo Chilcotin Coast BC map bundle. Check out this link for a video tutorial of how to easily integrate adjoining maps. All of these features and more make Topo Maps+ a great choice for enjoying the cartographic detail and recreational information of the Backroad Mapbooks series on your iOS/Apple device. Whether you are exploring the backcountry on foot, four-wheel drive, horseback, ATV, canoe, kayak, mountain bike or snowmobile, these maps will keep your adventure rolling smoothly.  
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