Get the Most From Your Washington State Backroad GPS Maps

Backroad Mapbooks’ Garmin-licensed GPS Maps are more than just a set of maps – they are your all-in-one outdoor recreation guide for the entire state of Washington. Jam-packed with outdoor adventure information, industry-leading cartographic detail and tons of cool features, there is no limit to where these maps can take you. To help you have the most exciting adventure possible, here are a few tips to getting the most out of your Washington State Backroad GPS Maps.

Wildflowers in bloom on Mount Baker, Washington State

Take Your Time

While looking at your Washington State GPS Map, you will notice an incredible amount of detail. In order to get the most out of your maps it is best to take your time and soak in everything we have included on the maps. In addition to detailed elevation contours and natural features such as creeks, streams and wetlands, these maps include:

  • Distinct road classifications for highways, Interstates, secondary roads, rural roads, forest service roads and more
  • Unique trail styles separating hiking and cycling trails from ATV, snowmobile and winter use trails
  • Lake bathymetry (depth charts) for many of Washington’s best fishing lakes
  • Thousands of Adventure Points of Interests including trailheads, canoe/kayak launches, viewpoints, waterfalls, mine sites, picnic areas, campgrounds, horse corrals, boat launches and much more
  • Clearly defined Game Management Units boundaries for hunters plus private land classification for Feel Free to Hunt, Register to Hunt, Hunt by Written Permission and Hunt by Reservation lands
  • Colour-coded land classifications for State Parks, National Parks, National Forests, Wildernesses, Wildlife Areas, Indian Reservations, National Public Lands and land managed by the Department of Fish and Wildlife, Department of National Resources, Department of Defense, Bureau of Land Management and more

Review the Descriptions

Many of the trails and Adventure Points of Interest include written descriptions compiled by the BRMB team of outdoor writers and researchers. Information found in the written descriptions includes distance and elevation gain of a trail, species and regulations for hunting areas, difficulty and put-in/take-out information for paddling routes, species and stocking information for fishing, campground size and reservation info for parks and much more! These descriptions are easily found using the Search Function or by selecting the Point of Interest on the map.

Washington State GPS Maps

Track, Share and Import Trips

Using your Washington State Backroad GPS Maps, you can track your movements through the backcountry and review your exact route at a later time. Users can drop waypoints to mark the location of a trailhead, fork in the road, campsite or scouting location. Once you are at home, you can upload your trip to the maps and then share your tracks with friends and family. Or, have a buddy send you their tracks and easily follow their route to the hidden waterfall, mountaintop viewpoint or secret fishing hole.

Washington State GPS Maps

Submit Tracks to BRMB

BRMB welcomes user-submitted trails and Points of Interest. This not only enhances the outdoor adventure data but also rewards users with perks including free updates to GPS Maps. Whether it is a new trail or road, campsite, boat launch, gate or a correction to the existing data, your submissions are a big part of what makes BRMB such a reliable navigational tool for backcountry explorers!

Washington State GPS Maps

Explore the Possibilities

With coverage of the entire state of Washington, we highly recommend Backroad GPS users take some time to explore the maps outside of their planned adventure destination. With so much recreation information charted across the state, we’re confident that you will get inspired to get out there and explore new areas. From secret steelhead streams to ghost towns, mountain bike trails, scenic drives, remote campsites and more, you never know what you might find while browsing these GPS maps!

Washington State GPS Maps

We hope these tips helped!

Pick up a copy of the Washington State GPS Maps for detailed coverage of these and many other trails in the area. And keep your eyes peeled for the Washington State Backroad Mapbook, coming soon!

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