Get BRMB Offline Geospatial Topos on your Mobile Device with Avenza

Have you ever wanted your Backroad Mapbooks topographic maps downloaded and available for use on your phone? Well now you can! Backroad Mapbooks have partnered with Avenza Maps Mobile App to bring our catalogue directly to you through the App Store and Google Playstore.

Yet another great way to cut down the weight of your backpack, the Avenza Maps Mobile App provides access to all of our Backroad Mapbooks catalogue giving you a premium pocket-sized, cartographic experience allowing you to navigate Canada’s breathtaking backcountry with ease.

Available for Apple iOS, Android and Windows smartphones and tablets, the Avenza Maps Mobile App is a one-of-a-kind, offline geospatial PDF reader that lets you use a variety of features and tools while well out of cell phone and data range. A robust and trusty tool for exploring Canada’s deep wilderness, from the sky-scraping peaks of the Rocky Mountains to the remote lakes of Algonquin Park and the sprawling forests of New Brunswick.  

Avenza App Features Include

Full Range of Backroad Mapbooks Maps

Using the Avenza Map Store, you can access all of the detailed, industry-leading topographic maps featured in our popular Backroad Mapbook series. Either purchase a single map of  your area of interest, or buy a bundle equivalent to all of the topographic maps included in an entire Backroad Mapbook. Once you have the maps loaded onto your device, you can use all of the handy Avenza features listed below.

GPS Locator

After you have loaded your desired maps, Avenza will use your device’s GPS locator to pinpoint your location on the map. This means that you will have all of the cartographic detail of a Backroad Mapbook directly on your phone or tablet with the added bonus of knowing exactly where you are located on any particular map. Best of all, Avenza can use your GPS signal without network connectivity.

Droppable Placemarks

Want to mark a point on the map to indicate a landmark or stop of interest? Drop a placemark anywhere with the tap of a finger, then give it a unique title, description and even add photos. Once you are in network range, share your placemark with a friend via dropbox or email.

Measure Distance

Wondering how far it is to that logging road turnoff or trailhead? Easily and accurately measure distance on your map with the drag of a finger, using the measurement unit of your choice.

Recordable GPS Tracks

An easy-to-use record option lets you track your movements in the backcountry, overlaying the track on top of our Backroad Mapbooks map. This tool also lets you view stats like elevation gain, distance travelled and time elapsed.  Once you are back in network range, you can email your tracks to a friend to share your adventure.

(GPS track indicated by orange line)

Droppable Geotagged Photos

Stumble across a stunning viewpoint or the perfect place to scout for wild game? Simply select the Plot Photo feature and a placemark will drop in the exact location on your map, with your photo attached.

With all of these features and more, plus the unparalleled cartographic detail of our Backroad Mapbooks, which show you multi-use trails, fishing holes, logging roads, rec sites, boat launches and much more, it’s easy to see why the Avenza Map Mobile App is a highly popular navigational tool with outdoor explorers.

The wait is over! Get your Backroad Mapbook on your phone or tablet and download Avenza today!

Did we miss your favourite Avenza Map Mobile App feature, or do you have an app-powered adventure you would like to share with us? Leave a comment below or use #brmblife on Instagram for a chance to be featured on our feed and be entered to win great BRMB prizes!