Discover the Latest Features for BRMB Maps on Gaia GPS

BRMB Maps for Gaia GPS just got even better! Read on to find out about all the new features we offer for Gaia users.

BRMB Maps Available for Apple CarPlay

Apple iPhone users can now access BRMB’s maps through the Gaia app using Apple CarPlay, a smart system for using your iPhone while driving. Most notably, CarPlay allows you to access most of your iPhone’s features on your car’s built-in touchscreen, as well as through Siri voice command and the knobs and controls on your steering wheel. This allows you to easily use BRMB Maps through Gaia while driving.

BRMB Paddling Adventure Layer Now Available

BRMB is pleased to announce the addition of our Paddling trail overlay for canoers and kayakers to Gaia maps. Gaia users can now access 91,000 km (56,545 mi) of lake, river and ocean paddling routes plus 3,300 km (2,060 mi) of portage trails. This includes multi-day lake paddles like the 50 km (31 mi) Sayward Forest Canoe Route and the 91 km (58 mi) Powell Forest Canoe Route in BC as well as long-distance river trips like the 850 km (528 mi) Kazan Rive Route in Manitoba and the 70 km (43 mi) Nepisiguit River Route in New Brunswick. In Ontario, the maps show you all the canoe tripping options in Algonquin, Killarney and Quetico Provincial Parks, while in Northern Canada you can explore 1,500 km (930 mi) of the Yukon River or take on the South Nahanni Canoe Route in the Northwest Territories.

All of this paddling data is offered in addition to a newly updated and expanded multi-use and motorized trail layers. Gaia users have access to:

Multi-Use Trails93,000 km / 57,970 mi
Mountain Bike Trails 3,070 km / 1,905 mi
Cross-Country Ski Trails3,700 km / 2,300 mi
Snowshoe Trails700 km / 435 mi
Trans Canada Trail 16,935 km / 10,515 mi
Snowmobile Trails148,200 km / 92,000 mi
ATV Trails 129,500 km / 80,420 mi

Accessing the Paddling & Trails Overlays

1. Login to Gaia GPS app or web

2. Go to the Layers option and select Edit/Add More Layers

3. Scroll through to the “Canada” section. Anyone with a premium Gaia membership will have access to these overlays.

4. Enable the desired layer in the list and close the Layer Manager

5. Now BRMB Paddling, Trails, ATV and/or Snowmobile can be turned on from the Layers option

Since we show so many trails and paddling routes the map can get a bit cluttered, it is possible to adjust the overlay transparency to maintain a clear view of the underlying basemap.

Public Trips Feature

One feature that makes Gaia GPS special is the Public Trips feature. The app maintains its own database of trail information, including stats on elevation gain, distance and more. Many of the Public Trips featured on Gaia overlap with the Backroad Mapbooks trails, so you can easily access a wealth of information on the trail you wish to explore. This means you can easily assess whether a trail is suitable for your ability or time frame.

Keep an eye out for more BRMB Adventure Layers coming to Gaia GPS in the near future!

Of course, these trail layers are offered in addition to all the existing features of BRMB Maps for Gaia GPS. While looking at the maps you will find complete coverage of the entire country, from BC to Newfoundland and up to the northern territories. Our award-winning topographic relief and shading give you a clear view of the landscape, giving you the most accurate representation of Canada’s topography available on the market.

We also show you more roads than any other map, including rarely travelled logging and resource roads. The maps feature lake bathymetry (depth charts) for many of the best fishing lakes in Ontario, Saskatchewan, Alberta, BC and Yukon. And full GPS capabilities allow you to track and share your trips, measure distance and elevation gain, drop waypoints and more. No other app combines this level of functionality with our level of cartographic detail!

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