Canada’s #1 Recreation Maps now available for Washington State!

For over 25 years, Backroad Mapbooks has been guiding Canadians through the great outdoors. Featuring unparalleled map detail, easy-to-read topographic relief and more outdoor recreation information than any other map source, these maps have become the go-to navigation tool not just for outdoor enthusiasts but for industry workers and Search and Rescue teams as well. Now, having charted the entire country, Backroad Mapbooks is expanding south, offering our first ever US coverage with Washington GPS Maps!

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More than just a set of maps, Backroad Mapbooks’ Washington GPS Maps are your key to unlocking the best of the Evergreen State’s great outdoors! Have you ever been frustrated while trying to find that remote backroad on a map? How about the exact location of a hiking trailhead, backcountry campsite or hunting area boundary? Our Washington GPS Maps go the extra mile to provide you with next-level coverage and are designed with the serious outdoor explorer in mind, offering all of the pertinent details that are left off other maps. Whether you are off-roading, camping, fishing, hiking, mountain biking, ATVing, snowmobiling or cross-country skiing, we’ve got you covered.


These plug-and-play GPS Maps are easy to install and are compatible with Garmin GPS,™ Basecamp,™ MapSource™ and RoadTrip.™

Unparalleled Cartographic Detail

For over a quarter century, BRMB has been refining our cartography to develop the industry standard when it comes to map detail and readability. Easy-to-read shading and topographic relief, labelled elevation contours, natural features such as mountain peaks, glaciers and wetlands, national, state and local parks, seven types of public land classification and much more add up to bring you the pinnacle of map sophistication, from the Olympic Peninsula to the Cascade Mountains!

Next-Level Road Coverage

The Washington State GPS Map shows you close to 210,000 miles of roads across the state, from freeways and highways to residential roads, rural roads, forest service roads and industry roads. This includes 107,000 miles of routable roads and 103,000 miles of backcountry roads, deactivated roads and four-wheel drive roads, so no matter where that fishing hole, campsite or scenic lookout is, you can count on our GPS maps to show you the way.


Thousands of Adventure POIs (Points of Interest)

Unique to Backroad Mapbooks are our extensive catalogue of recreational Points of Interest. These searchable POIs are broken down by activity and cover everything from multi-use trailheads to waterfalls, hot springs, gates, viewpoints and camping areas. Many of these POIs are supplemented with detailed written descriptions that include information such as trail distance and elevation gain, access and directions, working hours, highlights, restrictions and more. In total, there are close to 43,000 POIs found across the maps.

Washington Adventure features are divided into 10 different categories:

Backroad Attractions

  • 850+ Backroad attractions including beaches, caves, ruins, surfing areas, fire towers, museums, hot springs, historic sites and more
  • Written descriptions with information on access, open hours, contact, highlights and more
  • 200 waterfalls
  • Close to 30 lighthouses  


  • 425 fishing locations across the state including lake, river & stream and ocean fishing hot spots
  • Lake bathymetry (depth contours) for many Washington lakes
  • Written descriptions with information on species, planting, best fishing times and techniques, access, shoreline facilities, regulations and more
  • Close to 500 boat ramps/launches and over 80 marinas
  • Leading coverage for streams and smaller lakes  


  • 150 clearly defined Game Management Units
  • Big Game Hunting Boundaries for bighorn sheep, deer, elk, moose, mountain goat & waterfowl
  • National Wildlife Refuge & State Wildlife Area hunting opportunities
  • 580+ Private Land Hunting Opportunities broken down into four categories: Feel Free to Hunt, Register to Hunt, Hunt by Written permission & Hunt by Reservation
  • Written descriptions of game species and hunting areas  

Parks and Camping

  • Over 1,000 National, State and Local Parks
  • 750+ Campsites
  • Close to 400 Backcountry Campsites
  • 245 Huts
  • Over 225 Picnic Areas
  • Close to 30 Recreation Sites
  • Written descriptions with information on park size, activities, directions, amenities, campground size and reservations, day-use areas and more  


  • Over 900 miles of lake, river and ocean paddling routes
  • Close to 100 different routes
  • 570 paddling access locations and portages
  • Written descriptions with information on route length, difficulty, river grade and class, portages, hazards, highlights and more
  • Unique paddling route line style on maps  


  • Close to 10,000 miles of multi-use trails and over 2,400 trailheads
  • Trails separated into different line styles including Multi-Use, Mountain Bike, Cross-Country Ski and Snowshoe
  • Written descriptions provide information on distance, elevation gain, directions to trailhead, difficulty, highlights and more
  • Complete coverage of long-distance trails including the Pacific Crest Trail and the Pacific Northwest Trail  

ATV Trails

  • Close to 2,300 miles of ATV and OHV (Off-Highway Vehicle) trails
  • Close to 70 staging areas for trail access
  • Written descriptions with trail length, elevation gain, difficulty and highlights
  • Unique line classification for ATV trails on maps  

Snowmobile Routes

  • Close to 2,700 miles of snowmobile trails
  • Close to 100 staging areas for snowmobile trail access
  • Written descriptions with trail length, elevation gain, difficulty and highlights
  • Unique line classification for snowmobile trails on maps  

Wildlife Viewing

  • Close to 140 wildlife viewing locations including National and State Forests and Parks, Wildlife Areas & Refuges, Conservation & Natural Area, Wilderness Areas and more
  • Written descriptions with information on species, the best time to see them, access and directions, open hours and more  

Winter Recreation

  • Close to 150 winter recreation areas for backcountry and cross-country skiing, downhill skiing and snowboarding, snowshoeing and more
  • Written descriptions with information on trail length, difficulty, elevation gain, highlights and more
  • Unique line classification on maps for winter use trails  

Of course, it is impossible to list all the features included in BRMB’s Washington GPS Maps. To fully understand what has made us Canada’s most trusted source for outdoor recreation navigation, pick up a map for yourself and let us guide you on the adventure of a lifetime!

Heading north? Discover many more BRMB locations with the help of our Backroad Mapbooks and Backroad GPS Maps. No other map product gives you the breadth of road coverage that ours do, helping you find that secluded, unobstructed viewing area with ease.



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