Canada Uncensored! Lewd, Crude and Outright Funny Canadian Geographical Names

At Backroad Mapbooks we’ve been mapping Canada’s backcountry since 1993 so we like to think we know Canada pretty well. Everyday we get orders for our print-on-demand Backroad Topographic Maps and the names that come out of some of the places across Canada give us the giggles!


Our large scale Topos are great for hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, paddling and ATV adventures but we occasionally come across some, um, eyebrow-raising names.


Here is the beginnings of a list of our favourites in Canada so far. And yes they are all real and can be found in our Backroad Mapbooks, Backroad GPS Maps and via our Topos.


1. Dildo Island, Newfoundland & Labrador

Backroadmapbooks – Newfoundland & Labrador



2. Crotch Lake, Ontario

Photo courtesy of lindaseccaspina




3. Climax, Saskatchewan

Photo courtesy of The Canada Cool




4. Hooker Lake, Ontario

Photo courtesy of Northwestern Ontario Backroad Mapbook



5. Ta Ta Creek, British Columbia





6. Balls Falls, Ontario



7. Shag Harbour, Nova Scotia

Photo courtesy of Nova Scotia Canada




8. Conception Bay, Newfoundland

Photo courtesy of The Canadian Encyclopedia




9. Blow Me Down Provincial Park, Newfoundland



10. Opeepeesway Lake, Ontario

Photo courtesy of NEON29 TOPO – GOGAMA TOPO MAPS Spot




11. Knipple Lake, British Columbia




12. Balls Pond, Newfoundland

Photo courtesy of submitted by Keith Goodyear



13. The Crack Trail Head, Ontario

Photo courtesy of Killarney Outfitters



14. Big Woody, Manitoba

Photo courtesy of Manitoba Historical Society




15. Nipple Mountain, British Columbia

Photo courtesy of Club Thread posted by Dru




16. Smuts Creek, Alberta

Photo courtesy of Flickr



 We giggled ourselves out at #16. What’s YOUR favourite scandalous, eyebrow-raising location name in Canada? Tell us about them in the comments below and we’ll include them in round two!



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