Top 10 Hunting Apps that Won’t Break the Bank

While it is true that heading out into the bush to hunt is a great way to disconnect from technology and commune with nature, there have been many apps developed recently that make taking your smartphone along with you worthwhile. From tracking hunting data and hotspots to calculating ballistics and imitating animal calls, the range of hunting apps available is surprisingly broad, and many of these apps function with no cell or data reception. With hunting season nearly upon us, we’ve compiled our Top 10 hunting apps for having a safe, successful and fun hunting adventure.


1. Backroad Navigator App

Yes, it’s safe to say that we are a little biased towards this one, but that’s to be expected when you put your heart and soul into creating the most versatile, accurate and easy-to-use adventure app possible. While our Backroad Navigator App is designed for more than just hunting, clearly defined WMUs (Wildlife Management Units/Zones), industry leading cartographic detail, crown or private lands in certain provinces, the most extensive backcountry road network available, thousands of trails, hunting zone summaries, species found in each region, links to the regulations and much more make this an indispensable resource for hunters.

Price: $4.99 + $0.99 month subscription for Android / $9.99 a year for iOS



  • Industry-leading topographic maps
  • Clearly marked Wildlife Management Units/Zones/Game Hunting Areas
  • Crown and private lands identified (select provinces only)
  • 1,000s of Points of Interest
  • More industry, logging and bush roads than any other source
  • Hunting summaries of each area/zone including species and links to regulations
  • Detailed species information including hunting tips
  • 1,000s of other Points of Interest including campsites, cabins and more
  • Download maps for offline use
  • Web Map for planning your trip on your desktop computer
  • Ability to share and add your own tracks (GPX files)


2. HuntStand

This custom mapping tool allows you to build and edit your hunting area with 67 easily discernable icons, sync your maps with friends, log hunting data, access weather and wind information in real time and much more. With an easy-to-use interface and regular updates, this is a great choice for the 2018/19 hunting season.

Price: Free



  • Map and mark your hunting area with 67 different icons
  • Mark distance with accurate in-app measuring tools
  • See private property boundaries and owner info
  • Create a personal profile and share maps with friends
  • Some features available offline

3. iSolunar

This hunting and fishing app is great for determining peak feeding and activity times for both wildlife and fish. iSolunar offers custom location mapping, tide tables, moon phase/rise/set times, sunrise and sunset times, weather and more. Best of all, it works anywhere in the world. As any experienced hunter knows, timing is everything, and this app is a great way to seize the moment.

Price: $4.99



  • Provides peak feeding/activity times
  • Easy to read tables
  • Moon phase/rise/setting and sunrise/sunset
  • Current weather and forecast


4. HuntWise

HuntWise uses its trademarked Huntcast algorithm to determine the best times to go out hunting. Covering 14 species, Huntcast makes predictions based on location, wind, temperature, pressure, solunar calendar, time of day and season. The app also has a customizable map feature, where you can plot your stands and blinds for weekly predictions.

Price: Free



  • Location-based wildlife prediction
  • Buddy tracking system
  • Easy to read maps and property boundaries

5. ScoutLook Hunting

This app uses your phone’s GPS signal to pinpoint the weather in your location, catering the results to the specific species of game that you are hunting. The detailed forecast includes wind direction, barometric pressure, moon phase and more. You can also save unlimited hunting locations and receive readings from that area, helping you choose your next hunting adventure.

Price: Free



  • Global weather forecasts
  • 72 Hour wind forecast
  • Cloud cover and radar views

6. Hunt Buddy BC

Hunt Buddy BC allows you to pick a Wildlife Management Unit from a list or map, or using your GPS location, to see everything you need to know about that WMU. It also includes the full hunting regulations synopsis for BC. While this very handy app is so far only available for British Columbia, we hope to see it expand to other provinces in the future.

Price: $3.99



  • Know what WMU you are in
  • Open seasons, bag limits and more
  • Links to detailed maps
  • Motor, vehicle, shooting and other restrictions
  • Sunrise, sunset and Moon phases


7. Primos Hunting Calls

With over 20 fully interactive calls, including turkey, elk, deer, duck and more, Primos Hunting Calls is a great tool for luring in that prized game animal.

Price: $1.99



  • Over 20 interactive wildlife calls
  • Easy to read interface
  • Useable offline


8. Winchester Ballistics Calculator

Covering six ammunition categories, this app allows users to input shooting conditions such as wind and temperature to calculate the ballistics of your shot, including impact, drop, drift, trajectory, flight time, velocity and energy. This app is fully functional outside of cell phone reception and data range.

Price: Free



  • Most advanced ballistics calculator on the market
  • Customizeable external conditions
  • Adjustable sight-in range and maximum range
  • Interactive charts and graphs


9. Antler Insanity

Antler Insanity is a versatile hunting app that is “written for hunters, by hunters.” It allows you to obtain current wind speed and direction, sunrise and sunset times and weather for your location or for a saved GPS point. It also lets you field score a set of antlers for deer, elk, pronghorn antelope and caribou.

Price: Free



  • Real time wind and weather conditions
  • Easy to use interface
  • Easily saved GPS locations
  • Scoring sheets for antlered game species

10. Ducks Unlimited

Featuring migration maps, waterfowl identification, a waterfowler’s journal, hunting details such as sunrise and sunset and more, this the top app for all of your waterfowling needs.

Price: Free



  • Migration Map
  • Waterfowl ID
  • Exclusive Ducks Unlimited content
  • DU photos and videos

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