BRMB’s Fishing Mapbooks

Here at Backroad Mapbooks, we love all sorts of outdoor adventure. From hiking to ATVing, skiing, camping and beyond… we do it all! But we have to admit, there is one activity that holds a special place in our hearts. When you mention fishing to a member of the BRMB team, all other adventure plans have to take a backseat. There is just nothing quite as satisfying as reeling in a monster fish with your fishing buddies at your side and a cold drink waiting on the shore.

But, like any activity that’s worth doing, fishing can be a challenge. Sure, this means that the reward is that much greater once you figure it out, but even the most seasoned anglers can get frustrated. And for beginners, knowing where to start can be a puzzle in itself. That’s why we offer our Fishing Mapbooks for all of BC and Ontario. Jam-packed with information, our Fishing Mapbooks will get the beginners started and give the veterans that extra edge for the most productive day on the water possible. Here are a few of the features that make these the Mapbooks of choice for anglers of all stripes:.

Bathymetric Lake Data

Our state-of-the-art depth charts show you everything you can’t see from above the water, including shoals, drop-offs, hidden islands and other water structures. We also show you road access, camping and rec sites, boat launches and natural shore features such as logs, sandbars and marshes. With these maps in hand, you can approach a lake with the confidence of a local, even if it is your first time there.

Courtesy of Thompson Okanagan BC Fishing Mapbook

River Maps

Our detailed river maps not only chart the waterbody but also show you the surrounding highways, secondary roads and logging roads, along with access points, facilities, camping and rec sites, natural landmarks, tributary streams and creeks, paddling routes, boat launches and more. These maps take the guesswork out of exploring any river or stream.

Courtesy of Thompson Okanagan BC Fishing Mapbook

Detailed Descriptions

Each lake and river is accompanied by a lengthy written description compiled by our team of professional fishers and outdoor researchers. These descriptions fill you in on seasons, species, hotspots, driving directions, facilities, special tips and more. We also provide charts for fish species and stocking information, along with lake elevation, surface area, depth and more.

Fish Species and Techniques

At the front of every Fishing Mapbook you will find detailed descriptions of each fish species found in the region, from arctic grayling to whitefish, along with tips on how to catch them. We also give you the low-down on different fishing lures and equipment, as well as fishing techniques from jigging to fly-fishing. Even if you have never fished before, this section will give you an undeniable advantage.

Courtesy of Thompson Okanagan BC Fishing Mapbook

Comprehensive Coverage for BC & Ontario

Our Fishing Mapbook series covers all of the best lakes, rivers and ocean hot spots in British Columbia, from the picturesque trout streams of the Kootenays to the fabled steelhead rivers of the northern coast. In Ontario, we cover the sprawling Eastern and Central regions of the province, including the legendary lakes of Algonquin Provincial Park. We also offer an Ice Fishing title specifically for Ontario, showing you the best places to drill a hole across the province.

Skeena River, BC. Photo Credit:

All of these features and more make these Mapbooks the go-to guide for anglers of all experience levels. To get a better idea of all the information we have packed into these books, get your hands on one of your own by ordering online or visiting a Backroad Mapbooks retailer near you. From all of us here at Backroad Mapbooks, happy angling!

Do you have any questions or comments about our Fishing Mapbooks? Let us know in the comments below or share you fishing adventures with us on Instagram using #brmblife for a chance to be featured on our feed and win prize