Be Your Own Guide! Trip Planning with BRMB Adventures

Ever dreamed of exploring Canada’s backcountry with the confidence and expertise of a hunting outfitter or a backcountry guide?
Whether you love to hunt, fish, camp, hike, go off-road with your dirt bike, ATV, paddle, horseback ride, backcountry ski, snowmobile or mountain climb — you can “Be Your Own Guide” with BRMB’s Backroad GPS Maps and Backroad Mapbooks.
Unlike the run-of-the-mill maps you can find online or on the shelves of a truck stop or gas station — BRMB maps are by far the most unique, must-have navigational resource for outdoorsmen and women.
Over the past 25 years, BRMB has tirelessly tracked, archived and updated backroad maps for more of Canada’s backcountry than any other map company in business today. Each of our unique BRMB products gives you the power and opportunity to find access points to the backcountry that suit your experience, skill level and desired activity. With easy-to-read map legends, terrain contours & shading, plus bathymetric charts for lakes and rivers, you will be able to confidently navigate road systems, peaks and valleys, fishing hot-spots and paddling routes and more.
Plus, with a BRMB Map you have got the ultimate outdoor guide, complete all the finer details only outfitters and guides would know about certain regions of the country. Our industry-leading detailed Point of Interest write ups are categorized into groups of Adventure Features which allow users to easily plan, locate and enjoy thousands of backcountry adventures.
Our Adventure features include Fishing Adventures, Hunting Adventures, Paddling Adventures, Park Adventures, Recsite Adventures, Trail Adventures, ATV (OHV) Adventures, Snowmobile Adventures, Wildlife Adventures, and Winter Adventures.
At BRMB we pride ourselves on having the most regularly updated information which in turn makes us the most popular and trusted backcountry map company for recreationists and professionals working out in the field including Outfitters, Backcountry Guides, Oil & Gas, Forestry and Search and Rescue.

BackroadBackroad Adventure

Backroads are our specialty, so it only makes sense that we have a specific dedicated Backroad Adventure Feature spread across most of our products. Our Backroad Adventures include Canada’s best-hidden gems, from Vancouver Island’s soothing natural hot springs to the cool glaciers of Alberta’s Rocky Mountains, the exciting underground caves of Ontario the breathtaking waterfalls of Nova Scotia and everything in between. Whatever incredible adventure you are looking for, we have laid them out in our Backroad Adventure POI.
Some highlights and features you will find in the Backroad Adventure are:

    • Big Trees
    • Waterfalls
    • Caves
    • Hot Springs
    • Glaciers
    • Lighthouses
    • Museums
    • Historic Sights
    • Urban Attractions
    • Backcountry Attractions
    • Viewpoints
  • And more!

atvATV (OHV) Adventure

For any ATV, motorbike or off-roading enthusiast, the ATV Adventure is the ultimate guide to hidden trailhead gems. We have included thousands of kilometers of trails from across Canada in our ATV Adventure, ready to help you blaze single track trails on a motorbike or explore natural terrain on an ATV.

Some highlights and features you will find in the ATV (OHV) Adventure are:

    • Hundreds of thousands of kilometers of ATV (OHV) Trails
    • ATV (OHV) Trailheads
    • Restricted Areas
    • Riding Areas
    • Staging Areas
    • Trail Length
    • Difficulty Level
    • Elevation Gain
  • And more!

fishingFishing Adventure

Canada boasts some of the best fishing destinations in the world. Offering tens of thousands of mapped fishing lakes, streams and rivers — we have taken the extra time to make sure we have not missed any of the best fishing spots in our detailed Fishing Adventures. With detailed information about fish species, stocking status, boat launch locations, special regulations and more, BRMB ensures every angler is ready for an adventure!
Some highlights and features you will find in the Fishing Adventure are:

    • Fishing Lakes
    • Rivers
    • Streams
    • Ocean Hot Spots
    • Stocking Information
    • Boat Launches
    • Marinas
    • Tips & Techniques
    • Lake Definitions
    • Directions
    • Regulations
    • Facilities
  • And more!

huntingHunting Adventure

Before heading out for a hunting trip anywhere across Canada, it is important to know the specific province’s zoning rules and regulations, as well as to be able to identify the Wildlife Management Zones and Units. That is why we have included all that information and more into our Hunting Adventure, making it an essential guide for hunters of all skill levels. In addition to our industry-leading forestry, industry and bush road networks, you will be able to hunt like never before throughout Canada’s backcountry.
Some highlights and features you’ll find in the Hunting Adventure are:

    • Wildlife Management Zones & Wildlife Management Units
    • Big Game Species
    • Game Bird Species
    • Small Game Species
    • Waterfowl
    • Wildlife Management Zone & Wildlife Management Unit Boundaries
    • Seasons & Regulations
    • WMZ, WMU Descriptions
    • Geo-referenced points
  • And More!

paddlingPaddling Adventure

Dive into the world of Canadian paddling with our detailed Paddling Adventures. With thousands of routes along rivers, lakes and oceans, canoe and kayak enthusiasts have the ability to cruise with confidence. Our Paddling Adventure will guide you along rugged coastlines, over teeming lakes, through exciting whitewater rapids or just on a casual day paddle trip — whatever the skill level and paddle of choice, BRMB has you covered.
Some highlights and features you will find in the Paddling Adventure are:

    • Paddling Points
    • Paddling Routes
    • Access Points
    • Lake Circuits
    • Ocean Kayaking
    • Whitewater Routes
    • River Routes
    • River Grading
    • River Classifications
    • Portages
    • Put-In Locations
    • Take-Out Locations
    • Natural Attractions
    • Access
  • And More!

parkPark Adventure

Between National, Provincial and Urban parks across Canada, we guarantee you will find new places to discover! Finding the perfect opportunity for a family picnic, a day trip with friends or an exciting backcountry adventure is easy through our renowned park system. Our Park Adventure offers detailed information on exactly what you can find in each specific park, as well as where you can stay nearby for double the fun.
Some highlights and features you will find in the Park Adventure are:

    • National Parks
    • Provincial Parks
    • Regional Parks
    • Urban Parks
    • Picnic Areas
    • BC Conservancy Areas
    • Backcountry Campsites
    • Backcountry Huts & Cabins
    • Park Campsites
    • Tent & RV Campsite Indicators
    • Water Activities (fishing, paddling, swimming, etc.)
    • Trails Activities (ATVing, hiking, snowmobiling, etc.)
    • Wildlife Viewing
    • Boat Launches
  • And More!

recsiteRecsite Adventure

Many adventures last longer than just one day, often being enjoyed over a weekend or even a week or more depending on your schedule. That is why we have included Recsite Adventures to offer you information on where to stay in Canada’s backcountry. We have listed everything from well-developed campsites with full amenities to rustic stops along the road. Whether you are hiking, biking, paddling or off-roading, we have got the best places in our Recsite Adventure to make your stay in the backcountry a five-star one.
Some highlights and features you’ll find in the Recsite Adventure are:

    • Recreation Site Locations
    • Backcountry Campsites
    • Managed Rec Sites (paid)
    • Tent & RV Campsite indicators
    • Water Activities (fishing, paddling, swimming)
    • Trail Activities (ATVing, hiking, snowmobiling, etc.)
    • Wildlife Viewing
    • Boat Launches
    • Picnic Areas
  • And More!

snowmobileSnowmobile Adventure

Snowmobiling is one of the fastest growing winter sports in all of Canada with its popularity and accessibility increasing each year. Whether you are a first-time sledder or a seasoned rider, BRMB offers beginner and advanced trails for any snowmobile adventure. With your BRMB map, you will be able to zip through Canada’s winter wonderlands, past magnificent frozen waterfalls, down untouched backcountry mountains or over well-groomed trails. Anywhere you can go with a sled, our Snowmobile Adventure will get you there.
Some highlights and features you’ll find in the Snowmobile Adventure are:

    • Hundreds of thousands of km of Snowmobile Trails
    • Snowmobile Trailheads
    • Riding Areas
    • Staging Areas
    • Trail Difficulty
    • Trail Length
    • Elevation Gain
    • Restricted Areas
    • Trail Conditions
    • Rules and Regulations
    • Clubs and Associations
    • Viewpoint Suggestions
  • And More!

trailTrail Adventure

With endless kilometers of multi-use trails across Canada to explore, our Trail Adventure guides you through the difficult backpacking treks of the Rocky Mountains, the relaxing day hikes of Algonquin Park, the vertical of Vancouver’s Coast & Mountains and the coastal mysteries of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia & PEI. Whether you are heading out to hike, mountain bike, horseback ride, cross-country ski or snowshoe, we cover the most comprehensive network of multi-use trail systems for all the best trail adventures.
Some highlights and features you’ll find in the Trail Adventure are:

    • Trailheads
    • Multi-Use Trails
    • Trans Canada Trail
    • Backcountry Routes
    • Hiking Trails
    • Mountain Biking Trails
    • Horseback/Equestrian Trails
    • Cross-Country Trails
    • Snowshoe Trails
    • Backcountry Camping
    • Nearby Activities
    • Nearby Amenities
    • Elevation Gain
    • Trail Activities
    • Difficulty Level
    • Trail Distance
  • And More!

wildlifeWildlife Adventure

With a wide array of ecosystems throughout Canada comes an even wider variety of wildlife. From iconic Canadian moose to the tiniest of marine animals, our Wildlife Adventure will introduce you to Canada’s wildest residents. Be sure to bring your camera and binoculars along as you head out to see the best wildlife hot spots and viewing destinations in our Wildlife Adventure.
Some highlights and features you will find in the Wildlife Adventure are:

    • Animal Viewing Hot Spots
    • Season information for specific animal viewing (whales, moose, birds, etc.)
    • Fish Hatcheries
    • Sanctuaries
    • Spawning Areas
    • Ecological Parks
    • Marine Wildlife Areas
  • Interpretive Wildlife Trails

winterWinter Adventure

The true north strong and free — Canada is indeed one of the best places to experience winter adventures. BRMB Winter Adventures offer ample information for snowshoeing, skiing, ice fishing, winter camping, and more. Explore Canada’s winter wonderland with more confidence than ever before as you trek across freshly powdered backcountry terrain.

Some highlights and features you will find in the Winter Adventure are:

    • Winter Recreation Areas
    • Backcountry Skiing Routes
    • Backcountry Ski Touring Areas
    • Cross-Country Skiing Areas
    • Downhill Skiing Areas
    • Snowshoeing Areas
    • Trailheads
    • Trail Distances, Difficulty, Elevation Gain
    • Winter Recreation Tips
    • Wildlife Viewing Areas
    • Facilities & Amenities
    • Trail Activities
    • Trail Fees
  • And More!


In addition to all of our detailed Adventures, BRMB GPS Maps, Backroad Mapbooks and BRMB Navigator App also help you navigate to your trailhead in good time with meticulously mapped routable roads, freeways, highways, secondary highways, arterial roads, rural roads, local roads and laneways.
Also included for general navigation are details on banks, churches, cinemas, courts/halls, fuel stations, golfing, health/hospitals, health/pharmacies, libraries, lodging, museums, parking, police/fire stations, post offices, pubs, resorts, restaurants, retailers, schools, sports/leisure, transit, visitor information centres and more for the most comprehensive destination info for anywhere you end up in Canada.
Pick up a copy of our Backroad GPS Maps or Backroad Mapbooks on Backroad, or at a local BRMB retailer near you. Or if you want to make life really simple — download the BRMB Navigator App for Android from the Google Play Store.
With a little prep and a few steps in the right direction – you will soon Be Your Own Guide with Backroad Mapbooks.