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Have you ever had one of those days where you wake up and know you want to go on an adventure, but you’ve already explored all the local areas that you know about? Or, have you ever been on a road trip where you know you want to cram as many outdoor adventures as possible into a few days but you don’t know where to start? Well, here at Backroad Mapbooks we have you covered!

Since the dawn of time, man has relied on maps to navigate and explore new areas. From hand-drawn maps chiselled on a rock to mass-produced maps printed on paper and eventually the groundbreaking launch of Google Earth, the evolution of mapping is an ongoing phenomenon. And we feel like we are onto the next great mapping evolution!

Welcome to our brand-new product – Loaded with tens of thousands of Adventure Points of Interest (POI’s), hundreds of thousands of kilometres of trails, paddling routes, and ATV/Snowmobile trails in addition to rec sites and fishing locations, is your one-stop Outdoor Adventure trip planning tool!

Like our paper mapbooks, includes a comprehensive logging and industry road network along with notable POI’s, hiking and paddling routes, backroad adventures, rec sites, and more. This new feature is also full of countless trip planning tools giving you the option to read up on the details of the POI, find the distance or elevation gain of a trail, save a gpx/kml file for use on your GPS, print a custom map or share an Adventure with a friend – all in the click of a button!

There are so many tools packed into that it would take an entire booklet just to explain them all. However, we have chosen a few to highlight here:

Canada Wide Coverage

For the first time ever, Backroad Mapbook users can explore all the provinces and territories of Canada through one seamless map source. Loaded with all the road, trail, and recreational information found in the mapbooks, the new web map also includes features that don’t fit into a printed book.

From extra roads and trails to thousands of additional POI, the extra level of detail in the Canada Wide map is astounding. From the “Map” section of the feature, simply zoom in or out and scroll through the various provinces and regions. The Map can be filtered to include as many or as few Outdoor Adventures as you wish to include, making Canada wide travel and road trip planning easy!

All Adventures in One Source is the perfect tool for the outdoor adventurer of any kind! Pick and choose between all eleven of our Adventures across Canada, including hundreds of overlays that can be toggled on and off based on the outdoor activities you are interested in. Use the “Adventures” section of the tool bar to read about the different Adventure categories, or click the BRMB Adventures icon in the top right corner of the map to display as many or as few categories as you wish. For example, the Trails filter on the map can be broken down into equestrian trails, climbing areas, mountain bike trails, or multi-use trails for hikers.

There are also Backroad attractions, fishing and hunting areas, paddling routes, parks and campsites, recreation sites in BC, ATV and snowmobile routes, wildlife viewing locations and even winter recreation opportunities. No Outdoor Adventure has been left uncovered!

Bonus Overlays

Using the BRMB Adventures icon in the top right corner of the Maps, take advantage of the two bonus overlays – Private/Crown Land (for most provinces) and Forest Service Roads in British Columbia. While most map providers charge a premium for the crown land layer, we are including this overlay as a feature of Hunters and backcountry explorers alike can now find out whether they are on private or public land and plan their trips accordingly with just the click of a button!

As most campers and backcountry adventurers know, many of B.C.’s most scenic campsites and trails begin from Forest Service Roads. This bonus overlay is unique to Backroad Mapbooks and highlights all the FSRs across the province. To aid in planning your Adventures, you can even discover the length and elevation profile of the road by hovering your mouse over the road and clicking on it.

Enhanced Search

You can now search for and plan new adventures anytime and anywhere using one of the several Search options on Do a quick search for BRMB Adventures or street addresses using the search bar on the top left corner of the Map, search by location using the Get Inspired tab, or search by Adventure using the top bar search button. Searches can be filtered by the length in kilometres, the difficulty rating, and the type of adventure. Once you have a location in mind, click “Read More” for a description of the area or to get driving, walking, or cycling directions to your destination and add the destination to your trip planner.

Trip Planning Tools

With access to all our BRMB overlays, you can easily browse our maps and add your desired features to your next trip. While reading about a POI or trail route, simply click the “Add to Trip” button to get started. From there, you can name the trip and save it to your account for easy access. You can save the trip as a gpx or kml file for use on your GPS. If you would like to create your own route, you can drop a waypoint and draw a line on the map – this route can also be named and saved to your account to access later or share with a friend.

You can also search all the Backroad Mapbooks data like never before by using the Trip Planning Search located in the top right corner of the Map to track down any feature or POI across Canada by name. This tool is powered by all our BRMB Adventures as well as all the geographic features, land/water features and cities that we’ve included in our Basemap. Once you find the POI or location that you’re looking for, click on the magnifying glass to zoom to that location on the Map!

Satellite and other Premium Maps

The satellite and premium maps are found in the bottom left corner of the Map and can be used for route finding, trip planning, and urban travel. The satellite maps are particularly useful for discovering parks and green spaces, as well as forest cover, lakes and rivers near your location or near a planned trip. The eleven different BRMB Adventures overlay on these premium maps, while most backcountry explorers will want to overlay the Private/Crown Land areas along with the exclusive Forest Service Roads in the B.C. layer.

Easy Access to Printed Maps

Have you planned out your Adventure but realized that you will be out of service or don’t want to carry a GPS? No problem! Finding a printed map focused on your area of choice has never been easier. The Order Printed Maps icon in the top right corner of the Map offers access to over 1,500 existing BRMB Topo Maps across the country. There is also the ability to create your own custom map by choosing between three different map scales (1:10,000 to 1:50,000 scale) and adding your own features or BRMB Adventure points. These maps come on standard paper or upgrade to the durable synthetic waterproof material. Simply select your area of choice on the map to begin shopping.

Thousands of Outdoor Adventure POI

Access to every single Point of Interest we have accumulated across the country through over 27 years of mapbook research is now available at your fingertips. We have enhanced these with our infamous descriptions, trail data, fish species, difficulty ratings, and more! Once you have filtered the Map to show the Adventures of your choice, clicking on any highlighted point provides a pop-up on the left side of the map. To get more information on the POI, click “See More” where you will be taken to another page where you can plan a trip, add pictures or reviews of the POI, or get directions. POI’s can also be accessed through the “Adventures” or “Get Inspired” tabs on the top toolbar, or by doing a Search.

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