Announcing the Latest Edition of our Northeastern Ontario Backroad Mapbook!

Northeastern Ontario is a land of sprawling backcountry and untamed wilderness, where ancient Canadian Shield rock protrudes among lush boreal forest, interspersed with countless sparkling lakes and long, winding streams. In the south of the region, the Great Lakes are home to such celebrated outdoor adventure destinations as Georgian Bay and Pukaskwa National Park, while in the north, a vast and rugged landscape juts against the shores of Hudson Bay. Whichever part of this region you choose to visit, there is something incredible to discover.

To help you navigate this large and wild area as easily as possible, the Backroad Mapbooks team has created the most comprehensive and detailed recreation guide available for the region. The 5th Edition Northeastern Ontario Backroad Mapbook contains extensive updates and expansions from our previous edition, including labelled fish species, clearly marked Crown and private land, fish tocking and hiking trail charts, expanded multi-use and motorized trail networks, countless new recreational Points of Interest and much more. From the shimmering waters of Georgian Bay to the stark beauty of Polar Bear Provincial Park, this is your ultimate guide to exploring the area.

To give you an idea of all the adventures this Mapbook can lead you on, here are a few examples:

Backroad Adventures

Northeastern Ontario is full of incredible sights that are easily accessed along the area’s well-developed road network. From museums and nature conservancies to waterfalls and secluded islands, there is something special to see around every corner, and the 5th Edition Northeastern Ontario Backroad Mapbooks shows you close to 40 of the best places to stop while exploring the region. Here are a couple of our favourites:

Manitouwadge Waterfalls

There are seven notable waterfalls found to the north of Manitouwadge, including High Falls and Manitou Falls. Some are easier to get to than others, but each possess their own unique charm and make for some exciting photo opportunities.

Backroadmapbook Northeastern Ontario – Manitouwadge Waterfalls

Polar Bear Conservation and Education Habitat

Located in Cochrane, this is the only polar bear rehabilitation facility in the world. Visitors can view the bears in a setting that recreates their natural habitat, wade in a pool right next to their enclosure or visit the snowmobile museum next door.

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Fishing Adventures

From big lakes to rushing rivers and winding streams, Northeastern Ontario is home to a wide variety of waterbodies that contain over 25 different types of sportfish. In the 5th Edition Northeastern Ontario Backroad Mapbook you will find close to 900 listings for the best places to fish in the region, complete with information on access, species, stocking, regulations and more. Here are a couple of our favourite places to drop a line:

Kabinakagami Lake

This big, shallow lake is known for its clean and productive waters, with lots of walleye, whitefish and perch, along with pike that have been known to reach 10 kg (22 lb) in size.

Backroadmapbook Northeastern Ontario – Kabinakagami Lake

Steel River

Flowing into Lake Superior, this river is well known for its steelhead run and has a variety of deep pools, riffles and rapids to target for this prized sportfish. An old road runs along the east side of the river, providing easy access to some amazing fishing holes.

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Hunting Adventures

Containing a wide variety of habitats, from lush pine forest to fertile wetland, Northeastern Ontario is a great place to hunt all sorts of game. Whether you prefer hunting for ducks and geese or are more interested in big game like bear and moose, you will find abundant opportunity. The 5th Edition Northeastern Ontario Backroad Mapbook contains detailed descriptions of 36 of the areas Wildlife Management Units along with descriptions of the region’s main game species and tips on how to find them. Here are a couple of our favourite places to hunt in the area:


Encompassing some very remote Canadian Shield terrain, adventurous hunters who are looking for a wilderness experience can enjoy some of the best moose hunting in the province here, while bear and rabbit can be targeted as well.

Backroadmapbook Northeastern Ontario – Section of WMU21a

WMUs 41 & 42

Lying in the Georgian Bay and Lake Temagami ecoregions, this is one of the more heavily hunted parts of Northeastern Ontario, and for good reason. Bear, deer moose and waterfowl can all be found here in abundance, and hare and wolf hunting opportunities exist as well.

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Paddling Adventures

Northeastern Ontario is home to some of the best paddling opportunities in the province. From scenic lake circuits to remote rivers, there is something for everyone here. The 5th Edition Northeastern Ontario Backroad Mapbook includes over 110 listings for the area’s best canoeing and kayaking routes, complete with information on put-ins and take-outs, portages, campsites, difficulty, highlights and more. Here are a couple of our favourite routes:

Killarney Provincial Park

With crystal-clear lakes surrounded by majestic mountains, this is one of the area’s long-time favourite canoeing destinations. From easy two-day trips like the Balsam/David Lake Loop to longer, more difficult journeys such as the Northern Boundary Loop, there is no shortage of amazing canoe tripping options here.

Backroadmapbook Northeastern Ontario – Killarney Provincial Park

Missinaibi River

Known as one of Ontario’s signature paddles, this trip can stretch for up to 550 km (340 mi) in length and includes a lot of gentle paddling interspersed with significant rapids and waterfalls, including the ominously named Thunder House Falls and Hell’s Gate Rapids.

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Park Adventures

While Northeastern Ontario is full of incredible outdoor destinations, many of the most impressive areas can be found within the region’s national, provincial and regional parks. In the 5th Edition Northeastern Ontario Backroad Mapbook you will find over 120 listings for the area’s parks complete with information on access, activities, wildlife, natural features and more. Here are a couple of our favourites:

Esker Lakes Provincial Park

Found to the north of Kirkland Lake, this park encompasses a unique landscape made up of 29 kettle lakes, sand dunes and an Arctic watershed. Hikers and paddlers can immerse themselves in the fascinating geography, and in the summer there are some great sandy beaches to spend the day at and go swimming.

Backroadmapbook Northeastern Ontario – Esker Lakes Provincial Park

Pukaskwa National Park

At over 1,870 km2 (722 mi2), this is one of the largest roadless wilderness areas in the province. The park provides habitat for one of the last remaining naturally occurring woodland caribou populations in Ontario and features some exhilarating whitewater river routes for kayakers, a variety of hiking trails, campgrounds and much more.

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Trail Adventures

Renowned for its extensive trail system, Northeastern Ontario is home to a wide range of hiking trails, from long-distance backpacking routes to casual strolls through urban parkland. In your 5th Edition Northeastern Ontario Backroad Mapbook you will find 180 detailed listings for the region’s best hiking, cycling, horseback riding, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing trails, complete with information on distance, elevation gain, access, highlights and more.

Coastal Trail

This popular long-distance trail takes you through both Pukaskwa National Park and Lake Superior Provincial Park, showcasing the very best of Northeastern Ontario’s scenery. From bald eagles to suspension bridges and views over Lake Superior, there are plenty of highlights along this multi-day trek.

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Old Nipissing Road Trail

Following along one of the region’s first colonization roads, this is part of the Trans Canada Trail and offers a relaxing hike, cycle or horseback ride through a historic and naturally beautiful area.

Backroadmapbook Northeastern Ontario – Old Nipissing Road Trail

ATV Adventures

From dense woods to thick mud-bogging and wide-open, rarely used backroads, Northeastern Ontario offers a ton of great ATVing terrain. In your 5th Edition Northeastern Ontario Backroad Mapbook you will find dozens of detailed listings for the best places to ATV in the region, complete with distance, elevation gain, staging areas, highlights and more. Here are a couple of our favourite places to ATV in the area:

Elliot Lake ATV Trails

Considered one of the top ATV adventure destinations in the country, there are around 300 km (186 mi) of designated trails to explore here. From rough, rocky and muddy terrain to easy rides to scenic viewpoints, Elliot Lake is a must-visit destination for any ATV rider.

Backroadmapbook Northeastern Ontario – Elliot Lake ATV Trails

Timmins Area Trails

Decades of logging activity have left behind a vast network of logging roads that wind through the Canadian Shield landscape that surrounds Timmins. Trails lead you through burn areas and regenerating forest, past backcountry campsites and to stunning waterfalls.

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Snowmobile Adventures

With abundant snowfall and a long, sustained winter, Northeastern Ontario is a great place to snowmobile no matter your skill level, thanks to an extensive network of maintained trails that stretch throughout the region. In your 5th Edition Northeastern Ontario Backroad Mapbook you will find close to 50 listings for the best places to snowmobile in the area. Here are a couple of our favourites:

Ride Around Nipissing Tour

This 400 km (250 mi) circuit leads you all the way around Lake Nipissing, beginning and ending in North Bay. Along the way you will cross snowmobile suspension bridges and be able to soak in some stunning lakeside scenery.

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Sudbury/Espanola Area Trails

In the winter, snowmobiles often become the primary mode of transportation for people living in the Sudbury area. Heavy snowfall and a combination of rolling hills, hundreds of lakes and countless trails make this one of the region’s best snowmobiling destinations.

Backroadmapbook Northeastern Ontario – Sudbury Area

Wildlife Adventures

Northeastern Ontario’s dense boreal forests, lakes and wetlands create a habitat for a wide variety of fascinating creatures, from beavers, foxes and otters to moose and bears and hundreds of bird species. In your 5th Edition Northeastern Ontario Backroad Mapbook you will find close to 35 listings for the best places to view wildlife in the area, complete with information on species, access and the best time of day or year to visit. Here are a couple of our favourites:

Chapleau Crown Game Preserve

At 263,000 hectares (650,000 ac) in size, this is the largest game preserve in the world. From big mammals to rodents, reptiles and birds, the variety of wildlife you can see here is astounding.

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Wakami Lake Provincial Park

This park is well-known among birders for its incredible diversity, with around 100 recorded nesting species found here including brewer’s blackbird, pine grosbeak, solitary sandpiper, three-toed woodpecker and many others.

Backroadmapbook Northeastern Ontario – Wakami Lake Provincial Park

Winter Adventures

Lots of snow and long winters mean that Northeastern Ontarians have no choice but to get outdoors and make the most of the season. From cross-country skiing to ice fishing, snowshoeing, skating and dog-sledding there are many ways to enjoy Northeastern Ontario’s great outdoors in the winter.

Hiawatha Highlands Trails

There are more than 40 km (25 mi) of groomed cross-country ski trails here, spread between three trail systems and two parks. Novices and experts alike can find a trail that suits their abilities, and there are snowshoeing opportunities as well.

Backroadmapbook Northeastern Ontario – Hiawatha Highlands Trails

Mount Dufour Ski Hill

Although not the biggest ski hill in Canada, with seven runs and two lifts, Mount Dufour still provides a lot of fun for skiers and snowboarders looking for their downhill fix. Featuring some of the best vertical inclines in northern Ontario and even a terrain park, this one is well worth checking out.

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Of course, this is just a small sample of all the adventures we have packed into the 5th Edition Northeastern Ontario Backroad Mapbook. To fully appreciate all the recreation opportunities found in the region, pick one up for yourself by ordering online or using our store locator to find a Backroad Mapbooks retailer near you.