In 1993, Backroad Mapbooks started with two ambitious brothers. Since then, the company has grown to include an impressive collection of GIS experts, cartographers, IT technicians, salespeople, writers and graphic designers. Even with the increase in numbers, the team at Backroad Mapbooks has remained tight-knit and intimate, with weekly hikes, office potlucks and annual outdoor getaways. We all share a passion for the outdoors and for adventure. Our mission is to share this passion through our products. Get to know Backroad Mapbooks' tight-knit team of outdoor-loving map enthusiasts!

Russell Mussio

President / Co-Founder

Russell Mussio

The idea for Backroad Mapbooks came into existence when Russell and his brother, Wesley, were exploring Southern BC in 1993. Frustrated with the maps available, the mapbook idea was spawned...

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Wesley Mussio


Wes Mussio

Together with Russ, the two co-founded the company in 1993. At the same time, Wes has been working as a lawyer in personal injury at Mussio Goodman (formally Mussio Law Group).

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Chris Taylor

Vice President

Chris Taylor

Chris’ journey with BRMB began on the ice, when he played on a hockey team with owners Wesley and Russell Mussio. As Vice-President, Chris has spent over a decade overseeing the operations of the company.

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Information Technology Manager

IT & Website Manager

Farnaz Faghihi

Farnaz has been with the BRMB team for 16 years, and knows her way around every department. It’s easy to say that anything you have a question about, Farnaz can answer it and is more than happy to do so.

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Andrew Allen

Project & Cartography Manager

Andrew Allen

“What’s exciting about our product,” Andrew says, “is that we can go hiking after work or on the weekend and go to these places that we map. I’m learning a lot about Canada in ways that I normally wouldn’t have.”

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GIS & Database Manager

Dave Mancini

Responsible for overseeing the data creation of the mapping department, he's heralded by his colleagues as a “Postgres wizard.”As the in-house developer of the new BRMB Navigator App, he has witnessed his team’s hard work pay off.

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Art Director & Marketing Manager

Elisa Codazzi

Raised in a small village in Italy, Elisa has crossed the Atlantic to call Vancouver home. Since joining BRMB in October 2014, Elisa has been working on promotional pieces as well as the product layouts.

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Basilio Bagnato

Basilio bought his first Backroad Mapbook at 19 years old:
"It took me to places I would have never found on my own. I loved this company for 15 years before I worked for it.”

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Dale Tober

Dale is Backroad Mapbooks’ senior cartographer and the longest-standing employee in the mapping department. “No matter where I travel, near or far, I have to have a map in front of me.”

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Oliver Herz


Oliver Herz

Originally a small-town boy from northern Germany, this world traveler and GPS expert is always on top of the latest technological innovations for mapping, GPS and all manner of navigation.

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GIS Technician

Farah Aghdam

With a background in geology, mining and surveying, Farah brings a wealth of knowledge to the BRMB team - and it shows. Responsible for the GIS “heavy lifting,” she helps create, polish and build our map content.

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GIS Technician

Courtney Fry

A skilled GIS technician, Courtney works with activity data, points-of-interest, recreation trails and more. In her downtime she can be found reading or going on a nice hike to a secluded spot.

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GIS Technician

Teneesha Turner-Johnston

Teneesha Turner-Johnson is one of BRMB’s talented GIS Technicians. When she is not at work, Teneesha enjoys hiking, spending time with her friends, snowboarding and watching live music.

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Graphic Designer

Stefanie Tokarchuk

Stefanie has been with BRMB since the fall of 2018 and is the resident graphic designer/social media coordinator, keeping the brand’s visuals on point and staying connected with our customer base.

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Jo-ana Maki

This softball superstar uses her superb organizational skills to keep Backroad Mapbooks' operations moving like a well-oiled machine.She is heralded as a trustworthy individual who gets the job done.

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Technical Support Analyst

Matt Steblyna

As with most of the BRMB team, Matt wears a number of hats. With a background in computers and graphics, Matt took quickly to the creation of geospatial data, and is always ready to the next challenge.

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Office Associate

Courtney Smith

Courtney has a passion for learning new skills and is there to greet everyone with a smile upon entering headquarters. Outside of work, Courtney enjoys spending time outdoors with her four-year old son.

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Outdoor Content Writer

Stepan Soroka

Coming all the way from small town Grand Forks, Stepan is a skateboard loving, adventure enthusiast with a passion for not only being outdoors, but writing about them as well.

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Writer / Researcher

Jay Hoare

Jay has been with the BRMB team for almost 5 years. Generally he can be found cruising the back roads with his wife and at least two dogs...never lost, but always searching!

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Colin Hughes

An avid hiker, mountain biker and canoeist, he’s always on the look-out for new destinations to visit and having a 4x4 vehicle has become a means to that end.

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Leslie Bryant

"We are so fortunate to live in a spectacular country like Canada and I feel happy to write about it – I hope you have as much fun exploring it as I do!" Leslie says.

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Writer / Researcher

Lorne Collicutt

”Live, Laugh, Adventure...and take lots of photos along the way!”

Writer / Researcher

Ryan Klassen

“I love maps. I try never to get lost without one.”


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