Wildlife Adventures

These durable, spiral bound 21.5 x 28 cm (8.5 x 11 in) Mapbooks show you every nature reserve, wildlife reserve, provincial and national park, regional park, interpretive centre, fish hatchery, marsh, viewpoint, bird sanctuary and more. Unparalleled road and trail coverage grants you access to the best wildlife viewing areas and birding hot spots, and our industry-leading topographic relief and shading lets you know what to expect from the terrain in your wildlife viewing area.

Many of the wildlife viewing areas featured on the maps are supplemented with detailed written descriptions compiled by our team of outdoor writers and researchers. These descriptions include information on access, wildlife species, the best viewing times and seasons, contact information and more. The descriptions are easily referenced with the maps found at the front of the book.


Champion Lakes Provincial Park (Map 2/G4)
This 1,426 hectare (3,525 ac) provincial park is home to three lakes and a variety of bird and animal species including the rare painted turtle. There are small mammals such as chipmunks, porcupines and squirrels and large species such as bear, deer and moose found here. Observable birds species include belted kingfisher, Canada jay, nighthawk, Oregon junko, western tanager and woodpecker. Waterfowl such as loon, mallard, widgeon and the great blue heron are more likely to be seen early in the season. Migrating waterfowl, specifically Canada geese, rest on the lakes during their journeys north and south in spring and fall.