Wildlife Adventures

Our maps contain a wealth of wildlife viewing and birding information, with clearly labelled wildlife viewing areas shown across the country. This includes bird sanctuaries, wildlife preserves, ecological reserves and national and provincial parks, plus countless trails and scenic roadways where you are likely to encounter wildlife. Mapbooks, GPS Maps, the Backroad Navigator app and our BRMB Canada Web Map include written descriptions of wildlife viewing and birdwatching areas complete with information on wildlife species, the best times to see them, access, contact information and more. For digital products, these wildlife viewing and birding areas are georeferenced and searchable, while our Mapbooks contain an easy-to-use Adventure index to help you find the exact wildlife viewing area you are looking for.

  • 2,650+ Wildlife Viewing sites across Canada
  • Prime locations labeled with names and symbols
  • Bird sanctuaries, wildlife reserves, ecological preserves and more
  • Birdwatching sites
  • Fish hatcheries & spawning areas
  • National & provincial parks and protected areas
  • Scenic drives & wildlife corridors
  • Descriptions with access, tips & highlights
  • Facilities & amenities available
  • Hours, fees & other important details
  • Information on species & best viewing times


Badger, Bobcat & Fisher
Bighorn & Thinhorn Sheep
Black & Grizzly Bear
Coyote & Fox
Deer (Mule & White-Tailed)
Eagle & Hawk
Elk & Moose
Lynx, Marten & Mink
Mountain Goat
Otter & Seal
Rabbit & Hare
Racoon & Skunk
Shorebirds & Songbirds
Spawning Fish (Kokanee, Trout, Salmon)
Squirrel & Chipmunk
Upland Birds (Grouse, Pheasant, Turkey)
Waterfowl (Ducks & Geese)
Weasel & Wolverine
Whales & Dolphins
Wild Boar
And More!