Trail Adventures

Our maps contain an incredible amount of trail information including clearly defined trails for hiking, mountain biking and winter recreation. Trailheads are clearly labelled and include symbols for the appropriate trail activities, and our industry-leading road coverage shows you the access routes to even the most remote trailheads. Easy-to-read topographic maps with contours, relief and shading show you changes in elevation along a trail and we include natural and man-made features such as creeks, wetlands, campsites and viewpoints. Mapbooks, GPS Maps, the Backroad Navigator app and our BRMB Canada Web Map include written descriptions of trails complete with trail distances, directions to trailhead, elevation gain, highlights, difficulty and more. For digital products, these trails are georeferenced and searchable, while our Mapbooks contain an easy-to-use Adventure index to help you find the exact trail you are looking for.

  • 100,000+ kilometres of Multi-Use Trails across Canada
  • An additional 17,700 km of Trans Canada Trail
  • Over 13,500 trailheads
  • Backcountry and frontcountry routes
  • Clearly defined line styles for different activities
  • Cross-country ski and snowshoe trails
  • Hiking, mountain biking & horseback/equestrian trails
  • Long-distance backpacking trails
  • Rails-to-trails routes
  • Trailheads with trail names & activity symbols
  • Description with access & highlights
  • Trail length, difficulty level, elevation gain where available
  • Facilities & amenities available
  • Restrictions, reservations and other important details


Biking/Mountain Biking
Cross-Country Skiing
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Horseback Riding
Backcountry Camping/Tenting Areas
Huts, Shelters & Cabins
Interpretive Trail
Viewpoints & Scenic Areas
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