BRMB printed topographic maps provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date map data so you can explore the backcountry with confidence, whether you are hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, working or just exploring. These large-scale maps are lightweight, easy-to-read and custom printed for your specific area of choice.

With close to 25 years of experience mapping Canada’s back roads, our work speaks for itself and has earned the trust and loyalty of people working in the oil & gas and mining industries, forestry, conservation, outfitters, tours and search and rescue organizations.


  • Large format topo (60cm x 94cm/24″ x 37″)
  • Conveniently printed on durable, water resistant paper
  • Map scales starting at 1:50,000 with shaded relief and contour lines
  • UTM Latitude/Longitude grid, map location grid & scale bar
  • Helpful tips on how to read the UTM grid system
  • Easy-to-use map key, legend with elevation bar, line & area classifications
  • Details for planning routes based on desired location, length, difficulty & skill level
  • Detailed routable road network for industry, forest service, resource, highway, city, rural & recreation
  • Thousands of activity POIS including campsites, boat access, viewpoints, etc.
  • 1000s of km of all terrain, ATV/Snowmobiles trails, trailheads
  • Paddling routes, portage distances, access points & boat launches
  • Wildlife management units and zones for anglers and hunters
  • Meticulously marked multi-use trails for hiking, mtn. biking, horseback riding, cross-country skiing & more
  • Boundary area indicators for National, Provincial Parks, hunting, recreation areas, conservancies, ecological reserves, First Nations, glaciers, protected & restricted areas and more
  • Resource details including comprehensive mapping of Oil & Gas locations, Compressor Stations, Gas Plants, Refinery’s, Pipe and Seismic Lines
  • Only takes 7-10 business days to arrive at your doorstep

Note: Contact us if you want your map unfolded or laminated.