Paddling Adventures

While looking at our maps you will find a plethora of paddling information. This includes clearly marked paddling routes for canoeing and kayaking complete with portages, put-ins/take-outs, campsites and water features such as rapids, waterfalls and dams. Industry-leading road and trail coverage shows you the best possible access to your put-in or take-out. Mapbooks, GPS Maps, the Backroad Navigator app and our BRMB Canada Web map include written descriptions of paddling routes with distance, difficulty, portages, highlights, put-ins/take-outs and more. For digital products, paddling routes are georeferenced and searchable, while our Mapbooks contain an easy-to-use Adventure index to help you find the exact paddling route you are looking for.

  • 95,000+ kilometres of paddling routes across Canada
  • 2,500+ canoe & kayak routes along with 2,700+ access points marked
  • Access points including put-in & take-out locations
  • Campsites, rapids, dams, wetlands & waterfalls
  • Clearly defined paddling route line styles
  • Industry-leading road & trail coverage for access to put-ins/take-outs
  • Portages marked with distances
  • Routes named with activity symbols
  • Description with access & highlights
  • River grading & feature classifications
  • Route length & difficulty level
  • Obstacles, hazards & other important details


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