Nova Scotia

Backroad Mapbooks brings you our detailed Nova Scotia backcountry maps and adventure guides in a variety of forms. Printed products for Nova Scotia include our classic Backroad Mapbooks and custom TOPO Maps. Digital products for Nova Scotia include our Garmin-licensed GPS Maps, PDF Mapbooks and TOPO Maps, Canada Wide Web Map and Mobile Maps for Android and Apple. No matter which product you choose, you can expect to find the following features:

  • Easy-to-read maps with industry-leading topographic relief and shading
  • Ten Adventure categories in Nova Scotia: Backroad Attractions, Fishing, Hunting, Paddling, Parks, Trails, ATV, Snowmobile, Wildlife Viewing, Winter Recreation,
  • Unparalleled road coverage including highways, rural roads, logging and resource roads, deactivated and unclassified roads
  • Clearly defined Crown Land for anglers, hikers and campers.
  • One Nova Scotia Mapbook title, three Nova Scotia GPS Map options, dozens of customizable TOPO Maps
  • Regular updates for the most current maps and adventure information possible

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