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Featuring the Backroad Mapbook TOPO map bundles as part of a worldwide mapping network, Locus Map offers all the tools you would expect from a leading outdoor adventure mapping app. GPS navigation, downloadable offline maps, downloadable geocaches, trip tracking and waypoint marking are just a few of the tools found on this app for Android mobile devices. Locus Map features its own LoCoin currency, with the BRMB Mapbook bundle prices similar to those offered on other apps (about $24.99 each). With these bundles going live in the near future, Locus Map is the ideal choice for hikers, mountain bikers, hunters, geocachers and many others! No matter which corner of the country you find yourself in, Locus Map’s Backroad Mapbooks bundles will keep your adventures rolling smoothly.

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Backroad Mapbooks is proud to offer the most detailed topographic adventure maps available for Canada anywhere and, in order to make these maps available to a wider audience, we have partnered with a number of the world’s leading mobile mapping apps. One of these apps is Locus Map, a worldwide navigational app designed specifically for outdoor adventurers.

Locus Map is an Android app that turns your phone into a fully-functioning GPS unit, with mobile maps available for offline use while you are hiking, off-roading, ATVing or snowmobiling deep in the wilderness. Locus Map uses your phone’s built-in GPS to show your location on a map and includes all of the standard GPS features so you can track your trip, add waypoints, trace new routes, measure distance and share your tracks with friends once you are in data or cell service.

Within the Locus Map app you can choose to purchase any of our Backroad Mapbook titles as part of a map bundle, from Vancouver Island all the way to Newfoundland and Labrador. This puts all the detail of our Backroad Mapbooks directly onto your Android device including our celebrated topographic relief and shading, industry-leading road coverage including rarely used logging roads and industry roads, multi-use trails for hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding and cross-country skiing, motorized trails for ATVing and snowmobiling, paddling routes for canoeing and kayaking and thousands of recreational points of interest including backcountry campsites, big trees, fishing hot spots, picnic sites, ferries, anchorages and more.

Unique Locus Map Features

Track Sharing

Once you have made a GPS track, you can share your KMZ, GPX or TCX file through a variety of mediums. In addition to Facebook, this includes Strava, Runkeeper, GPSies, Google Earth, and others.

Geotagged Recordings

Come across a breathtaking viewpoint or perfect camping spot while exploring a trail? Locus Map allows you to take a geotagged photo, video or sound recording to be turned into a waypoint for future reference.

Audio Alerts

The Locus Map app allows for voice navigation and will issue a sound alert if you wander off of your route. Additionally, you will receive a sound notification of an upcoming Point of Interest, and an Audio Coach feature gives you voice notifications about your performance and progress while exploring the backcountry.

Geocache Friendly

Locus Map is designed specifically with the geocacher in mind, allowing you to download geocache data for offline use, use on-cache navigation with online and offline logging, graphical and calculation tools, field note management and sound alerts of an upcoming geocache.

Live Tracking

If you are exploring an area within cell or data service, you can share your location with friends and family in real time. Locus Map also features a Parking Assistant feature for locating your car in a crowded parking lot for those Instagram-famous trails.

Subdivided Regions

Since our northern Mapbook titles cover such a wide expanse of land, we have subdivided these bundles into smaller regions to make them easier to navigate and more affordable. This includes Northern BC, Northern Alberta, Manitoba, Northeastern and Northwestern Ontario and Newfoundland and Labrador.

All of the above mentioned features combined with our celebrated Backroad Mapbooks topographic maps make Locus Map the perfect navigational tool for Android users, whether the activity of choice is hiking, camping, hunting, ATVing, paddling, off-roading or mountain biking. This app is sure to get you into and out of the backcountry with confidence.