Mobile Maps

Backroad Mapbooks is excited to offer our Canada-wide backcountry map coverage for download directly to your Apple or Android mobile device through the App Store and Google Play Store! We have partnered with Gaia GPS to bring all of our topographic maps directly to your phone or tablet. Additionally, existing users can continue to use the BRMB Maps app.

Easy to download and use, these apps let you use a variety of features and tools to help navigate while out exploring, including GPS tracking, waypoint marking and more. One of the benefits of Dynamic Maps over Static Maps is the ability to view our entire Canada-wide base map with dynamic coverage, allowing for seamless coast-to-coast navigation. Dynamic maps also feature higher zoom levels for more detailed map browsing, the ability to toggle other map layers including satellite view, and a higher level of GPS functionality than static maps. These maps are the perfect tool for exploring Canada’s great outdoors, whether on foot, four-wheel drive, ATV, bicycle, horseback, snowmobile or skis.


Developed by the Backroad Mapbooks team, this app provides you with all the cartographic detail and outdoor adventure information you have come to expect from a Backroad Mapbooks product. BRMB Maps is the closest you can come to having a Backroad GPS Map on your mobile phone, allowing you to record and share tracks, mark waypoints, see your exact location on the maps, read stats and descriptions for each POI and more! Find out more »


Gaia GPS

This worldwide mapping app offers our Canada-wide BRMB Base Map as part of its Premium Membership and provides a higher level of zoom and faster map rendering than most other apps. With handy features such as trip tracking, geotagged photos, GPX and KML file importing and more, plus all the detail of Backroad Mapbooks’ maps (including Multi-use, ATV and Snowmobile Trail overlays), this app is perfect for any outdoor explorer. Find out more »
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