Hunting Adventures

These durable, spiral bound 21.5 x 28 cm (8.5 x 11 in) Mapbooks feature clearly marked Wildlife Management Units, Wildlife Management Zones and Game Hunting Areas. We also show you First Nation reserves, conservation areas, wildlife refuges and provincial and national parks across the country, along with Crown and private land in many provinces. Industry-leading topographic relief and shading ensures that you know exactly what to expect from the terrain, and we chart every lake, river, stream and creek, plus wetlands and glaciers.
More roads and trails are shown on these maps than on any others, so you can navigate your way deep into the backcountry, whether by rural road, logging road or multi-use trail. We also include countless campsites, including remote forestry recreation sites often used by hunters, plus cabins and warming shelters, airstrips, ranger stations, dams, gas plants, gates, float plane landings, viewpoints, microwave towers and more, so you know exactly what to expect from the area you are hunting in.
In addition to the maps, our Mapbooks include written descriptions of each hunting area compiled by our team of outdoor writers and researchers, filling you in on the most prominent game species within that area, tips for a successful hunt, notes on regulations and restrictions and more.


WMU 4-34 (Maps 29,30,36,37,38,42,43)
This is a large management unit along the west side of the upper Columbia River drainage. This is a good bet for both mule and whitetail deer. Mountain goat hunters also do well here. Upland bird hunters find good numbers of ruffed grouse and ptarmigan while waterfowl hunters find success in the Columbia River marshes. Moose, mountain goat and wild turkey are hunted through Limited Entry Hunting draws in this unit, with the number of mountain goat permits issued varying between different zones.