GPS Maps

In order to provide you with the most current map and adventure information available, we upgrade our GPS maps every year. Upgrades may include new land classifications, extra road and trail coverage, new Adventure POIs and more.

Whether you are out hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, paddling, exploring forest service roads in your off-road vehicle or ripping around on your ATV, dirt bike or snowmobile, Backroad GPS Maps’ annual updates are crucial for having the most current and accurate data possible.

At Backroad Mapbooks, we go the extra mile to provide you with annual updates and enhancements for our GPS maps. We are constantly upgrading and refining our industry-leading road and trail networks as well as other features such as adding bathymetric (depth) charts, refining the Oil & Gas data and searchable township grids, expanding on and updating Crown land areas and more. No matter which part of the country you find yourself in, and no matter what type of adventure you are on, Backroad Mapbooks has you covered!

Want to learn more? Find out more about our GPS Updates here!

Earn Free GPS Updates:

That’s right! We offer free updates for GPS users in exchange for tracks and waypoints. Whether it is a new trail or road, campsite, boat launch, gate or any other Point of Interest, we are able to improve our maps one customer at a time. After all, there is no more accurate information than that which comes directly from the backcountry.

Here is how the program works:

  • Each track or track network is worth up to five points
  • Each useable waypoint is worth one point
  • Notes and images included with the waypoints or tracks add additional credits.
  • All credits will be added to your GPS Maps account/email address registered to your account

Please go to the appropriate GPS product page and click on UPDATES to submit your update to us.

*Mussio Ventures Ltd. reserves the right to qualify all track and waypoint submissions. All tracks and waypoints will be verified and must be outdoor recreation related or match one of our Adventure or Point of Interest categories… sorry, no restaurants or walks along city roads. A minimum of 50 points is required to receive any free product.