Fishing Maps

At Backroad Mapbooks, we know that when it comes to fishing the waters of BC, having the inside scoop means everything. Combining the detail of our industry-leading maps with the expertise of some of BC’s most seasoned anglers, we compiled the most comprehensive backcountry fishing map books available on BC’s market.

Industry-leading fishing maps
  • Bathymetric Lake (Depth) Charts – With surrounding road and recreation features
  • River & Stream Maps – Show hot spots, access points and surrounding road and recreation features
Fishing lake details
  • Directions & Access – Directions and area indicators are included for each lake, river or stream
  • Facility Information – Boat launches, camping or resorts, and nearby communities detailed
  • Stocking Information – For each stocked lake, river or stream
  • Physical Attributes/Lake Definitions – Includes proximity to nearest centre, lake elevation, size of lake or length of river or stream, mean and maximum lake depth, and waypoint or geographic location of the waterbody
Top fishing tips
  • Fishing Information – Includes fish species, local lures and flies, and preferred fishing methods on each lake, river or stream
  • Fish Species – Descriptions on main fish species per region
  • Tips & Techniques – How to fish using various lake, river and stream techniques