More than just maps, Backroad Mapbooks are your all-in-one resource for outdoor adventure, recreation and navigation across Alberta. From the glacial peaks of the Rocky Mountains to the wide-open wilderness of the foothills, the sprawling vistas of the prairies and the vast backcountry of the north, these maps are your ultimate guide to the province. Here are a few of the features that put our maps a step above any others:

  • Over 410,000 km of road coverage including highways, logging and resource roads and unclassified roads
  • 16,000+ searchable land and water geographic features
  • 15,000+ km of multi-use trails for hiking, cycling, horseback riding, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing
  • 7,700+ km of snowmobile trails
  • 7,400+ km of ATV/OHV trails
  • 13,500+ km of paddling routes for canoeing and kayaking
  • 420+ backcountry campsites, 525+ frontcountry campsites and 175+ picnic areas
  • 110+ backcountry huts and cabins
  • 260+ boat launches
  • 230+ recreation sites
  • 240+ waterfalls
  • 30,000+ Oil & Gas facilities
  • 5,300,000+ LSD Grid Locations
  • 2,450+ city, town and community Locations
  • And much more


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