Backroad GPS Discontinued Versions


Technical support for Version 7, and all previous versions of our Backroad GPS Maps, is ending soon. However, for a limited time, we are providing all Version 7 registered customers with the opportunity to purchase the latest version of our Backroad GPS Maps (Version 2020) at 40% OFF.
This offer expires on November 30th, 2020!

How to Update?

Follow these step-by-step instructions

STEP 1: Login to your GPS account

STEP 2: Click on “Updates Available” next to your “Registered Backroad GPS Map Product”.

STEP 3: Select if you want to use our new Digital Update option or if you would rather us to ship you a new SD card, then click on “Add to the Cart”

STEP 4: Click on “Proceed to checkout” and complete the payment.


You have to update through your account AND the update has to be the only thing in your cart for the discount to work.


Why are you discontinuing tech support for Version 7?

We are limited by the number of older versions that can be held on the servers. Consequently, we cannot offer technical support, including reloading or trouble shooting, for older Backroad GPS Map versions. 

My GPS still works, why should I purchase the latest version?

New Software and Data (Roads, Trails & POI)  Each update provides many new improvements to how the maps are read and routes calculated. Further, each addition sees hundreds or thousands of kilometres new/updated roads and trails and countless additions to the Adventure Points of Interest. We are now onto Version 2020 and the improvements are readily seen throughout the city and backcountry.

No Technical Support – If you come across technical issues with your older Backroad GPS Maps, we will no longer be able to assist you.

SD Card Has a Limited Shelf Life – SD Cards have a limited shelf life when used frequently. In a GPS unit where data is being read from and written to frequently, there is a great possibility the SD card may become unresponsive in the near future. The likelihood of the card failing and the many great improvements to the maps and software make updating the logical choice.

No more computer maps download – You will no longer have access to the computer maps on our website.

If I select the SD Card options, do I have to send my OLD SD card in when I purchase V2020?

No, we are committed to delivering your V2020 Backroad GPS Maps to you the fastest way possible and are eliminating the hassle of sending in your old SD Card in. You can keep the old card and use it for as long as it still works (just no tech support & future updates will apply to it). 

Will this update erase my personal tracks & waypoints from my old GPS Maps?

With our Plug & Play SD cards, you are not overwriting tracks & waypoints when you switch one SD card on your unit for another. Our data is usually written to your SD card and just remains on that card for the life-cycle of the SD card. We recommend that you make a habit of using Garmin’s Basecamp to backup your tracks and waypoints to avoid any loss of personal data. Once you have made a backup of your data on Basecamp, you can then transfer it to your new SD Card. 

Will you offer future discounts to V7 Backroad GPS Maps holders?

No, this is your last chance! We have done everything in our power to inform our customers of the latest updates and are offering registered customers one last chance to update at a discounted rate. All future updates and purchases will be at full price as your account will no longer show that you own the GPS Maps. 

What happens if I run into issues with my GPS Maps after November 2020?

We can no longer support Version 7 or older versions of the Backroad GPS Maps as of the end of November 2020. If you run into issues after that, you will have to update to the latest version for us to be able to help. 

Please note that the 40% offer ends November 30th, 2020! After that date, you will have to upgrade to the latest version paying full price.

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