Wildlife Adventures

Easily find your region’s best wildlife viewing areas, from woodland and migratory bird hot spots to larger animals like bears, moose and mountain goats and everything in between.

Discover Canada’s Best Wildlife Viewing

Canada is absolutely full of wildlife. From the orca whales, dolphins and porpoises of the BC coast to the bighorn sheep of the Rocky Mountains, the pronghorn antelope and bison of the prairies, the huge flocks of waterfowl that migrate through Manitoba’s wetlands, the moose and wolves of the thick Ontario woods and the herds of caribou that roam the steppes of Newfoundland, there is incredible wildlife to view in every corner of our country. With this in mind, Backroad Mapbooks packs as much wildlife viewing and birdwatching information as possible into our map products.






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Canadian Adventures to be Thankful For

Before you dive into that stuffed Thanksgiving turkey, it’s time to have a toast and give thanks to the incredible opportunities we have here in Canada. Not only are we a diverse, welcoming and peaceful country, but we are also home to some of the best adventures in the entire world. With over 9.9 million km2 (3.8 million mi2 ) of breathtaking …

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Winter Wildlife Viewing Across Canada

Winter has a varied effect on Canada’s furry and feathered residents. While some animals, such as bears, prefer to sleep it out and skip the season entirely, others, such as foxes and lynx thrive in the snowy wilderness. Birds, including owls and eagles, can be found throughout the country despite the cold, as can small mammals like otters and martens. …

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