Backroad TOPO Maps

Large-scale, ultra-detailed maps for trip planning or navigating

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Large-Scale Topographic Maps

The TOPO Maps series allows you to choose any map from our Backroad Mapbooks series blown up to a larger scale for an even clearer and more detailed view of your outdoor recreation area. These maps contain all of our industry-leading topographic relief and shading, road and trail coverage and adventure POIs at a larger scale than our other printed products, making them ideal trip planning tools for your hunting, paddling, hiking or camping adventure.

Formats available:

  • Folded TOPO Maps – Perfect to take with you on your adventures
  • TOPO Wall Maps – available in two standard frame sizes and featuring a minimal display

Folded TOPO Maps are available printed on durable waterproof synthetic material or the standard tear and water-resistant paper. The Wall Maps are printed on the durable synthetic material.  



British Columbia Canadian Prairies Ontario Atlantic Canada


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Create Custom Printed Maps with

One of the unique features of the BRMB Maps Web Map is the ability to print custom topo maps, either of a particular map that coincides with a page in any of our mapbooks or a custom scaled map. Covering all of Canada with high detailed topographic features, in combination with over 100 BRMB Adventure Layer options available, you can …

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