Snowmobile Adventures

Easily find your region’s best snowmobile trails and riding areas, from family-friendly groomed club trails to challenging backcountry routes leading to alpine bowls and beyond!

Discover Canada’s Best Snowmobiling Trails

For many Canadians, snowmobiling is the best part of winter. Once the snow falls, everything else takes a backseat to sledding, and there are incredible places to ride found all across the country. From the deep powder and alpine bowls of BC’s Coast Mountains to the foothills and farmer’s fields of Alberta, the interconnected long-distance trails of the prairies, the deeply ingrained snowmobiling culture of Quebec and the rolling hills, rugged woodlands and frozen lakes of the Maritimes, there is world-class snowmobiling to be had from coast to coast. That is why we pack as much snowmobiling information as possible into our map products.






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The Ultimate Rocky Mountain Road Trip

The Rocky Mountains are by far the most popular destination for visitors, both from and to Canada. The National Parks that straddle these majestic peaks; Banff, Jasper, Kootenay and Yoho are considered the Crown Jewels of the Parks Canada park system. With so much to see and do, where do you begin? Here are a few useful hints and trip …

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SOS: Safety on Snowmobiles

There’s no question that snowmobiling is one of Canada’s most popular outdoor sports come wintertime. With fresh powder covering many local slopes and hundreds of thousands of kilometres of trails to explore, there’s no shortage of space to play. Unfortunately, as the amount of people getting involved in the sport grows, so does the amount of accidents and deaths caused …

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Winter Adventures Across Canada

The seasons are changing, but that does not mean we have to stay indoors. Backroad Mapbooks has you covered for all seasons with our industry-leading maps and detailed Adventure listings, including the very best in winter adventure across the country.

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