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Canada’s Prairie Paradise

There is lots to see and do among Saskatchewan’s backcountry. Home to over 225 national, provincial and regional parks, there is no shortage of beautiful places to camp, hike, cycle, fish or hunt, while the wide-open skies create some of the most impressive stargazing in the country. From world-renowned lake fishing to exciting four-wheeling and ATVing, Saskatchewan offers it all, and our wide range of map products are your ultimate guide to exploring the province, including our Backroad Mapbooks, GPS Maps, TOPO Maps and BRMB Navigator App.

In the north of the province, massive river systems can be paddled for days or weeks at a time. The province’s many lakes, wetlands and forests are hot spots for birders, with numerous rare or endangered species. Hunters can enjoy some of the best white-tail deer action in the world, and a well-established network of backroads and ATV trails can lead you into the best hunting territory. When the snow falls, cross-country skiers, snowshoers, fat bikers and snowmobilers can explore the serene landscape, while anglers head to the lakes with an auger to sample the phenomenal ice fishing.

Whether you are kayaking down a winding, remote river or simply out for a stroll under the open sky, our massive database of adventure information and industry-leading maps is just the turn of a page or click of a button away.






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Wild Turkey Hunting Across Canada

While the Wild Turkey all but disappeared from Southern Ontario in 1909 after being eliminated by unregulated hunting, they were reintroduced to the region in 1984. 30 years after they were reintroduced, the population has grown to an extremely impressive 100,000.

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