Prince Edward Island

Charming from tip to tip.

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The Garden of the Gulf

Although Prince Edward Island is Canada’s smallest province, this Maritime jewel is big on adventure and experience. Spanning 5,560 square km (2,190 square mi), the Island is well known for its pristine sand beaches, rolling farmer’s fields and lush grasslands. Outside of the major centres of Charlottetown and Summerside Harbour, there are few cities of note, making for a quiet pastoral landscape perfect for exploring by car, on foot or on bike. A slower-paced, old world flavour permeates the culture on PEI, allowing you to let your anxieties drift away as you travel through this idyllic land.






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Wild Turkey Hunting Across Canada

While the Wild Turkey all but disappeared from Southern Ontario in 1909 after being eliminated by unregulated hunting, they were reintroduced to the region in 1984. 30 years after they were reintroduced, the population has grown to an extremely impressive 100,000.

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Canadian Adventures to be Thankful For

Before you dive into that stuffed Thanksgiving turkey, it’s time to have a toast and give thanks to the incredible opportunities we have here in Canada. Not only are we a diverse, welcoming and peaceful country, but we are also home to some of the best adventures in the entire world. With over 9.9 million km2 (3.8 million mi2 ) of breathtaking …

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Backroad Mapbooks – Your Ultimate Trail Guide to Canada

On New Brunswick’s rugged Atlantic Coast, the Fundy Footpath charts a course through some of the last remaining coastal wilderness areas on the east side of the continent. In Nova Scotia’s Cape Breton Highlands National Park, terraced boardwalks lead to viewpoints over the winding coastline, with the Atlantic Ocean disappearing into the horizon beyond. In Ontario, trails lead to the …

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