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Backroad Maps Park and Destination Maps feature many of the best outdoor hot spots found throughout British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario, as well as Washington State. Explorers can unfold these lightweight, single-sided maps into an easy-to-carry, easy-to-access adventure guide.

There are almost 30 British Columbia maps, including the most popular National and Provincial Parks, while over a dozen Alberta maps cover the Rocky Mountain parks north and south of Banff and Jasper, Waterton Lakes, and foothills to the east. In Ontario, highlights include the paddlers dream destination, Killarney Provincial Park, and the ever-popular Bruce Peninsula. Washington State includes five of the best recreation destinations south of the border, including the North Cascades, San Juan Islands, and Olympic National Park & Forest.

Providing even more detail than the standard Backroad topographic map, these large-scale maps are customized to focus around well-known recreational areas in Canada and Washington State. The bigger scale allows for more trails, roads, attractions, campsites and recreation points, along with more elevation contours to showcase the lay of the land. Printed on standard tear and water-resistant paper, the maps come folded to fit in a pocket or backpack, or as a nicely designed wall map. And if you plan to get wet and dirty, all these maps are available in a waterproof version, printed on a durable, waterproof synthetic material to withstand anything the Great Outdoors throws your way.

Formats available:

  • Folded Maps – Perfect to take with you on your adventures
  • Wall Maps – available in 3 standard frame sizes, redesigned to display nicely on walls

The Folded Maps are available printed on durable waterproof synthetic material or the standard tear and water-resistant paper. The Wall Maps are printed on durable synthetic material.

All Backroad Maps Park & Destination Maps are also available in digital form for easy access on a smartphone or tablet. See each product page for more information.





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