Northwest Territories

A sprawling wilderness and an untamed beauty.

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Discover a Land of Many Secrets

Trying to sum up all the outdoor adventure opportunities of the Northwest Territories is a difficult task – there is something new to discover around every corner. The mighty rivers of the north are incredible paddling destinations. Birders can head to a tundra lake to spot thousands of geese and ducks, while muskoxen and other fascinating wildlife can be seen on land. The 335 km (208 mi) Canol Trail leads hikers through the stunning Mackenzie Mountains all the way to the Yukon border, and is considered one of the most challenging trails in the country.

Immense river valleys, quiet streams and hundreds of unnamed lakes offer some amazing fishing, with pike, trout and char found in abundance throughout the territory. Hunters can pursue a wide range of quarry, from moose and alpine caribou to muskoxen and bison. In the winter, dogsleds and snowmobiles provide both recreation and transportation, while the skies above are painted with the many colours of the northern lights.

Whether you are hunting for Dall’s sheep in the Mackenzie Mountains or canoeing along the snaking Nahanni River, you can count on our Northern Canada GPS Maps to be your ultimate guide to adventure in the Northwest Territories.






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