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Dynamic & Static TOPO Map Apps


All the Backroad Mapbooks detailed maps and adventure information are available for both Apple and Android devices through a variety of apps, including our very own Backroad Navigator App. The maps fall into two categories: Dynamic (Backroad Navigator and Gaia GPS) and Static (Avenza, Locus, Topo Maps+ and ViewRanger).

The difference between the Dynamic and Static maps is that Dynamic maps allow you to zoom in and out to get more details or view all of our Canada-wide base maps seamlessly, while Static maps require the purchasing of individual maps or Mapbook bundles that are loaded with extra Adventure information for hiking, camping, fishing, hunting and more. In both cases, these user-friendly, finely detailed maps offer many of the features of our GPS Maps without having to purchase an expensive GPS Unit.


The benefit of these Dynamic mobile maps over our Static mobile maps is that you can view our entire Canada-wide base map, allowing for seamless navigation from coast to coast. In contrast, Static mobile maps require the purchasing of individual maps or Mapbook bundles equivalent to our printed Mapbooks.


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