From lakefront to prairie and rugged forest, Manitoba distills the essence of Canada’s backcountry.

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Manitoba is filled with unique outdoor adventure opportunities. At the top of the list is fishing, with over 110,000 lakes to choose from throughout the province, not to mention the many rivers and streams. Of course, the province also has opportunities for hiking, cycling, camping, ATVing, hunting and beyond, and you can find all of these adventures in our wide range of Manitoba map products including our Backroad Mapbooks, GPS Maps, TOPO Maps and BRMB Navigator App.

While the province’s lakes and rivers are the stuff of fishing legend, these same waterbodies also create a wealth of opportunities for canoers and kayakers. The big lakes also create natural funnels for migrating waterfowl, and birders and hunters will find some of the highest concentrations of migrating birds on the continent. ATVers can explore a well-developed network of trails and rarely used roads, while hikers can explore a number of beautiful trails, including those in Riding Mountain and Wapusk National Parks. And once winter hits, there is no shortage of terrain to explore atop a snowmobile or with cross-country skis or snowshoes.

Whether you are fishing for northern pike in one of Manitoba’s many lakes or spending a night under the stars in a provincial park, BRMB is here to keep you oriented and informed with our massive database of outdoor adventure information and industry-leading topographic maps.






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