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Looking for a map of your hunting area? Look no further!

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Each bundle includes:

  • The BACKROAD MAPBOOK of your area
    BRMB’s classic Backroad Mapbooks have been trusted by hunters for over 25 years to lead them to the best hunting areas across the country. Regularly updated, the maps highlight hunting areas, road and trail systems, and helpful recreational points of interest. In addition to the maps, our Mapbooks include written descriptions of each hunting area compiled by our team of outdoor writers and researchers. This helpful information includes the most prominent game species within that area, tips for a successful hunt, notes on regulations and restrictions and more.

  • PLUS All the TOPO MAPS showing your WMU
    Starting at 1:50,000 scale, these TOPO maps feature clearly marked Wildlife Management Units or Zones and Game Hunting Areas, along with crown and private land areas. Updated road and trail systems, recreational points of interest, campsites and more make these the best topo hunting maps available on the market. We also show you First Nation reserves, conservation areas, wildlife refuges and provincial and national parks across the country. Industry-leading topographic contours and relief shading ensure that you know exactly what to expect from the terrain, and we chart every lake, river, stream and creek, plus wetlands and glaciers.


Looking for Another Area? Send us an e-mail at to get a quote on the hunting area of your choice. Be sure to include the WMU/WMZ/GHA you are interested in.


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Wild Turkey Hunting Across Canada

While the Wild Turkey all but disappeared from Southern Ontario in 1909 after being eliminated by unregulated hunting, they were reintroduced to the region in 1984. 30 years after they were reintroduced, the population has grown to an extremely impressive 100,000.

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BRMB Top Picks: Quebec Hunting

With 29 Wildlife Management Units, 13 wildlife reserves and over 40 ZECs, there are a lot of hunting opportunities in Quebec. To give you an idea of where to get started, here are our Top 12 places to hunt for moose, deer, bear, small game, waterfowl and more!

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