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No matter if you are a first-time angler or a seasoned veteran, a good fishing map can make all the difference when it comes to a successful day out on the water. Backroad Mapbooks offers a wealth of fishing information across our wide range of map products, from our printed Backroad Mapbooks, Fishing Mapbooks, TOPO Maps and Waterproof Maps to our GPS Maps, Mobile Maps and PDF Mapbooks. Whether you are fishing for the elusive steelhead on the coastal streams of British Columbia, casting for that monster walleye in the lakes of Manitoba or looking for that perfect lake trout in Ontario’s Algonquin Provincial Park, our fishing data will take the guesswork out of your angling adventure.

Fishing information found on our maps includes labelled fish species (differentiating between stocked and unstocked) for lakes and streams, bathymetric data (depth charts) for numerous lakes in our GPS Maps and Fishing Mapbooks, important shore features such as boat launches, campsites, marinas and resorts and more. Additionally, the best fishing locations across Canada are supplemented with written descriptions that fill you in on exactly which species you will find, detailed stocking information, best times and techniques for fishing, road or trail access, special regulations and more. If you pick up a printed or PDF copy of our specialized Fishing Mapbooks, the maps and descriptions are even more detailed.

Our Fishing Mapbooks are available for Southeastern BC, Southwestern BC, Vancouver Island and Cariboo & Northern BC (PDF mapbooks only). In Ontario, we offer titles for Eastern Ontario, Central Ontario and Ice Fishing Ontario (in PDF & print). These Mapbooks provide large-scale maps of lakes and rivers and added information like elevation, depth and surface area. The PDF mapbooks are downloadable versions that can be viewed on any PDF reader, including tablets and smartphones.

Choosing a product will depend on your specific needs and desires. For printed maps, our Backroad Mapbooks cover a huge area and also provide information on other recreational pursuits like hunting and camping. Waterproof Maps cover a smaller area but are lightweight and easy to carry with you on any fishing adventure. TOPO Maps provide the highest level of detail and are perfect for planning your fishing adventure from the comfort of your home. When it comes to digital maps, our GPS Maps offer the most advanced navigational features and are available province-wide or in bundles including Western and Eastern Canada. Mobile Maps are a more affordable option and contain all of the fishing data in our GPS Maps, but are dependent on your smartphone or mobile device for use. The Fishing Mapbooks will provide you with the highest level of map and writing detail, provided you are looking for the specific regions of BC and Ontario that they cover.

No matter which type of angler you are or where you are located, we are confident that we have the fishing map for you!





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