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At Backroad Mapbooks, we know that having the inside scoop means everything when it comes to fishing the waters of BC and Ontario. Combining the detail of our industry-leading maps with the expertise of some of the most seasoned anglers, we compiled the most comprehensive backcountry fishing map books available on the market. Our Fishing Mapbooks include:

  • Bathymetric (Depth) Charts to help you understand any lake or river, so you know exactly where to cast your line
  • River & Stream Maps to show you hot spots, access points and surrounding road and recreation features
  • Directions & Access information for each lake, river or stream
  • Facility Information such as boat launches, camping or resorts, and nearby communities
  • Local Fish Species and Tips & Techniques on how to catch them
  • Stocking Information for each stocked lake, river or stream
  • Lake Definitions with proximity to nearest centre, lake elevation, size of lake or length of river or stream, mean and maximum lake depth, and waypoint or geographic location of the waterbody

Nowhere else will you find such a combination of detailed regional information plus angling expertise all in one place.





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The Best Thompson Okanagan Fishing Lakes

The Thompson Okanagan region offers some of the best fishing in BC, from urban fishing holes to remote hike-in lakes found hours from the nearest highway. The lakes here hold an abundance of nutrient-rich alkaline waters, and the fish here grow faster and achieve larger sizes than in other parts of the province. Many anglers are drawn to the Thompson …

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The Best Vancouver Island Fishing Lakes & Streams

Hugging the coast of British Columbia, Vancouver Island features spectacular scenery, old growth rainforests, towering mountain peaks and exceptional fishing. The laidback culture of the Island, along with a population infused with a love of the natural world, makes this place an angler’s dream. Here you will find world-class salmon and steelhead bearing rivers along with lakes teaming with a …

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The Best Cariboo Chilcotin Coast Fishing Lakes & Streams

The Cariboo Chilcotin Coast is well-known for its many great fishing options. The region offers a plethora of spectacular locations from the Highway 24 and Quesnel areas in the Cariboo, the higher elevation lakes of the Chilcotin Plateau, offering fishing right through the summer to Bella Coola and the coast where anglers will find some amazing stream fishing. Here’s a …

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