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Easily find your region’s best fishing lakes, stream, rivers and ocean hot spots, plus stocking information, fish species, tips & techniques, regulations and more!

Discover Canada’s Best Fishing Holes

Canadian anglers are blessed with some of the best fishing destinations on the planet. From the remote steelhead streams of British Columbia’s northern coast to the rushing rivers of the Rocky Mountains, the northern pike and lake trout of Manitoba’s 100,000 lakes, the incredible walleye lakes of Ontario’s Cottage Country, the legendary salmon streams of New Brunswick and the historic ocean hot spots of Newfoundland, there is a world-class fishing destination in every corner of the country.

That is why we pack as much fishing information as possible onto our maps, guiding you to thousands of Canada’s best fishing rivers, streams, creeks, lakes and ocean fishing hot spots.






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Amazing Angling in Washington State

From its thousands of lakes and rivers to the wild waters of the Pacific Ocean, Washington State offers the perfect fishing hole for every angler. To give you an idea of what to expect from this Pacific Northwest fishing paradise, here are 12 top fishing destinations across the state.

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BRMB’s Fishing Mapbooks

Here at Backroad Mapbooks, we love all sorts of outdoor adventure. From hiking to ATVing, skiing, camping and beyond… we do it all! But we have to admit, there is one activity that holds a special place in our hearts. When you mention fishing to a member of the BRMB team, all other adventure plans have to take a backseat. …

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